Tony Mannion – is it time for him to go?

Tony Mannion has been forced to justify his continued service as Councillor on behalf of the people of Sitwell Ward, Rotherham, this afternoon at Todays meeting of the Full Council.

Despite now, not being qualified, living in Leicester and having no direct business links to Rotherham he justified himself today, by pointing out his attendance was better than that of the Advertiser! Come on!

The time has come I’m afraid, for Tony Mannion to consider his position and then to stand down, to give Sitwell’s citizens their full complement of representatives, actually qualified for the job!

3 thoughts on “Tony Mannion – is it time for him to go?

  1. Mr Mannion – time to off-load your greedy mouth from the gravy train i am afraid sir. The people of Sitwell actually deserve someone who lives in the Borough.


  2. I think if he leaves.
    The Tories will elect someone who has been a Tory for a long time to be elected.
    I think there wont elect someone who is Tory person recently unless that is under circumstances, normally it be a Tory who is a Tory for a long time, it won’t be someone who is a Tory for couple of weeks and then make him stand as a councillor in sitwell ward.


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