Rawmarsh By-Election 2013 An Invitation

Invitation to candidates and agents:

Rotherham Politics will be covering the Rawmarsh by-election as completely as we are able. All candidates election materials are welcome to be submitted by candidates or agents, these will be published in the Rawmarsh Ward By-Election 2013 section, if nowhere else. Remember, candidates are in the persuasion business, getting your message out is a top priority, it is in everyone’s interest that we record as much as possible. Send Rothpol jpg and /or pdf files please.

BNP: George Baldwin
Conservative: Martyn Parker
Labour: Lisa Wright
Liberals: Mohammed Meharban
TUSC: Andrew Gray
UKIP: Caven Vines

3 thoughts on “Rawmarsh By-Election 2013 An Invitation

  1. Please can the administrator correct the TUSC candidates name to ANDREW GRAY.
    Tony is Andy’s second name as it appears on the statement of persons nominated.


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