Caven Vines – A little local difficulty?

Ukip stands by Rotherham local election candidate with BNP links

Party’s treatment of Caven Vines contrasts with its withdrawal of support for Cornwall candidate who had been BNP member

, northern editor, and

The Guardian, Wednesday 24 April 2013 19.35 BST

The UK Independence party’s local election candidate in Rotherham has had close links to the British National party and thinks there are too many Muslims in Britain – but having been alerted to his views and background, the party’s central command refused to condemn his remarks.

Caven Vines, 62, used to work closely with the BNP‘s Rotherham organiser, Marlene Guest, in a campaign group called Council Watch. He has never been a BNP member but spent 2004-2006 as an independent councillor for the Rotherham West ward and is well known locally for his rightwing views. Read on….

Later in the Guardian article: Jahangir Akhtar, deputy leader of Rotherham council (Labour), said when he beat Vines in Rotherham West in 2006, Vines wrote a letter to the local paper falsely accusing him of “bussing in Pakistanis” to vote for him. “Round here we say Ukip are just BNP in nicer suits,” said Akhtar. “Vines has extreme views more in line with the BNP. It exposes the lie that Ukip are a respectable, non-racist party.” Vines admits penning the letter and says Akhtar used “intimidation tactics” to win in 2006 – an accusation Akhtar denies.’

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15 thoughts on “Caven Vines – A little local difficulty?

  1. Hi Richard as well you know I have never had any links with the BNP but like you was members of Rotherham Council Watch at the same time as Marlene Guest and as I recall at the Time Marlene and others stood for the Lib Dems not BNP and you will recall we parted compan with Marlene Guest a long time ago
    And yes i have my views and I normaly quote facts but that does not link me with the BNP no more than it does you.
    And yes my spelling ect is somthing I have had to live with as I have dyslexia which you well know but I dont let my disability hold me back and like most with a disability we try to overcome it like you do with yours
    Caven Vines


    • Hi Caven, thanks for you comment.

      As a point of fact, Sue and myself did not have contact with CouncilWatch until after the election fighting was done and Marlene Guest left/was expelled from CW, soon after.

      I concur with your general thrust and yes, you are correct in surmising that Rik is disabled too. I also do not let it stop me doing what I can, within my own many and varied limitations.

      Don’t forget to let Rotherham Politics have your campaign news and copies of election leaflets for publication. The voters you want to influence, also read this blog.



  2. UK Independence Party
    Straight talking. vote UKIP
    UKIP stands for bringing back power to the people; for decisions
    made locally, not nationally; for common-sense policies that make
    people’s lives easier and a Local Government that does what people
    need and no more:
    Ÿ Tax should be as low as possible (stop wasting our money)
    Ÿ Protecting the green belt-opposing wind farms.
    Ÿ Cracking down on anti-social behaviour.
    Ÿ More police on the streets.
    Ÿ Cutting council executives and managers, not front-line services
    Ÿ Control immigration.
    Ÿ Giving real decision-making to local communities.
    Ÿ Money for local services, not the EU or other foreign aid.
    Ÿ Our membership of the EU costs £53million per day and
    £23million per day goes out to foreign aid. While our own
    Jobs, Services, and Benefits are being cut and our town goes to
    the wall.
    Ÿ We are facing an influx of Romanians and Bulgarians in 2014
    where are they going to live ? We can’t house our own.
    Ÿ This needs to stop NOW enough is enough. VOTE UKIP
    Published by Caven Vines,30 Whitley View Road, Rotherham S61 2HL Printed by WFO Printers, Wortley Road, Rotherham,S61 1LZ
    Tired of the old politics of the
    Lib / Lab / Con?
    Do these old parties deserve your support
    Join us in Changing the future of local politics
    By voting UKIP on MAY 16th
    Straight talking
    Caven Vines


  3. Why should you vote UKIP in your local election?
    UKIP stands for bringing power back where it belongs – with the people.
    We believe that local councils should be more directly responsible to local people and less in thrall to central government. Elected councillors should put their communities first, not party politics. Important local issues should be put to binding referenda. Councils should serve their people not just spend their money. Do you know that whilst the Government is reducing the grant to local councils, it is continuing to give away £53 million per day to the EU and £23 Million per day in foreign aid. Plus, on 1stJanuary 2014 the UK will open its doors to unlimited numbers of Romanians and Bulgarians – who will come not just to work, but to take advantage of our housing, schools, benefits and health services.
    Proposals are being made to use large areas of our green belt to build social housing to deal with this ever increasing influx. This has to stop. We can’t afford it. This will affect yours and your children’s future. You have the power to start down the road to common – sense policies by using your hard won right to VOTE YOU can truly make a difference. If you vote.


    • Caven, I have a few questions to ask. The comments you have made explain UKIP policy very clearly, but I think people will want to know,
      What are you going to do for the people of Rawmarsh?
      How are you going to hold this Labour run council to account?
      Will you be looking towards contributing to lowering crime rates in Rawmarsh and if so, how? Do you have a plan, any ideas?
      What is your opinion on councillors being allowed iPads? Do you think this extra spend is necessary?

      I may not be a voter in the Rawmarsh ward, but I can bet that these are the sorts of questions people are asking right now and are entitled to full answers, not just quoting national party policy.


  4. Omar,

    Thank you for raising these very valid points.
    In particular – what will I do for the community of Rawmarsh and how will we hold Rotherham Council to account?

    Firstly and most importantly I will give the Rawmarsh Community a voice in the town hall by representing their views not those of the Rotherham Labour Group.

    I will openly question the actions of the Labour controlled council – something I am already on record for and well known for so doing.

    Who else is going to stick up for the Community?
    Labour have failed them in the past but by fielding the wife of Shaun Wright, they still want to keep it literally in the family!

    Why have high ranking officers had to sign confidentiality agreements?
    Just what are they afraid of ?
    All these questions need asking.

    On the crime issue: I think that this is a matter of being very pro-active in and with the community and the Police, then keeping on top of it and making the authority do what we pay them to do and that includes our Rawmarsh based Police Commissioner, who is also accountable to us as taxpayers/electors.

    With regard to I-Pads and the like, this, to me, is just another labour council money wasting folly – like first-class rail travel to London, like the money wasted on the Big screen TV. not to mention the cost of lap-tops.

    Again this is the sort of thing’s we need to question and ask WHY DO THEY NEED THEM? And why should the taxpayer foot the bill? They was all given laptop’s and printers before.



  5. What timing for David Cameron to Introduce the Bedroom Tax Just as Mrs Thatcher Dies This tax is about as fair and sensible as the POLL TAX introduced by Mrs Thatcher or maybe her spirit and policies carry on in the Conservatives policy’s.
    This Tax is totally wrong and unfair. Someone living alone in a 2 bedroom house cannot avoid the tax unless they move house. Which would almost certainly cause them massive disruption and expense. That’s if they could find some where to move to. This in effect clobbering the poor in such a way that they cannot escape from it without turning their lives upside down. And what about if their family require to visit where do they stay in a tent in the garden of the one bedroom house.
    We recognise that the Benefits bill is far too high and the Philpott’s case illustrates how broken the system is. But the Bedroom tax is not part of the solution. The upset and heartbreak it will cause is not worth the comparatively small amount of cash that it will raise.
    Cameron and his head in the sand MP’s really should be looking at the wider picture and start to think outside the box. The country is broke the infrastructure is in pieces and we are overrun by immigrants claiming benefits. Yet they still shell out £53million per day to the EU and £23million a day in foreign aid with the Romanians and Bulgarians waiting in the wings to fill the empty 2 & 3 Bedroom houses left vacant when the people who can’t afford to live in them because of the Bedroom Tax.
    So maybe Mr Cameron is setting himself up as a never to be forgot Leader like the late Mrs Thatcher.
    Caven Vines


  6. General Affidavit under Oath

    I, Caven Vines, Am a resident of


    And do hereby certify, swear or affirm, and declare that I am competent to give the following declaration based on my personal knowledge, unless otherwise stated, and that the following facts and things are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

    .That I Caven Vines have never been a member of the British National Party (BNP).

    I was a member of a group called Council Watch, which operated in Rotherham, from March.1999..and until I left in September 2004 When we disbanded Council Watch …….

    Marlene Guest was also a member of this group until she was asked to leave in 2003, at which time any association I had with her through Council Watch ceased. During her time as a member of Council Watch she was a Member of the Lib/Dems and a Rotherham Independent Candidate and at some time later joined the BNP – which she still supports. I have not had any association with the BNP or any of its members ever.

    WITNESS my signature this _Monday 29th of April 2013

    Signature of Declarant


  7. Caven:
    In what you have written above, you have repeated 3 times words to the effect that “Our membership of the EU costs £53million per day”.
    Whilst that amount is equal to UK’s GROSS contribution to the EU budget, our net contribution is much lower than that, since UK receives substantial funds from the EU – farm subsidies, regeneration grants, and of course our rebate.


  8. Being a member of the European Union has been a one-way street for Britain. Contributions from Britain to the EU budget have outstripped the benefits received in every single year of membership.

    In total since 1979, Britain has paid in about €260 billion (£228 billion). It has received back in benefits just €163 billion (£143 billion). The difference of €97 billion (£85 billion at today’s exchange rate) has been Britain’s subsidy to the European project.

    Each nation’s contribution is based mainly on its Gross National Income, a measure of its economic output and earnings from overseas. The budget is spent on a range of projects to do with agriculture, fisheries, social projects and other Brussels subsidies.

    Britain’s contribution figure would have been even higher had it not been for Margaret Thatcher’s tough stance in 1984, when she famously negotiated a rebate on the basis that the vast bulk of EU spending went on agricultural subsidies and Britain received a far lower proportion of this than other nations.

    Under the terms of the rebate, Britain’s contributions were cut while other countries which benefited most from agricultural subsidies (mainly France) paid more.

    Since 1985 Britain’s rebate has been worth a total of almost €90 billion (£79 billion at today’s exchange rate). Britain’s contributions have still consistently far outstripped the benefits it receives.

    The rebate would have been higher in recent years had not Tony Blair given up part of it under pressure from EU leaders. He agreed to cut it by about 20 per cent from 2007 until the next round of budget negotiations in 2013. So far, his concession has cost Britain about £4 billion.


  9. The Uk exports aprox £186bn per year to the EU But it Inports aprox £248bn so we import aprox £62bn more than we export
    We pay in aprox 106bn Euros and receive back 46bn euros so the £53million we pay out is what we pay out after receiving our bit back
    So you can see the EU needs Britain much more than Britain needs the EU
    by the way our total defence budget is aprox £43bn and they say we cant afford to defend ourselves and have to make our armed forces redundant,
    And we cant afford to pay to repair the roads,look after our old people, ect ect ect.
    and on top of all that we pay £23m per day in oversea’s aid to country’s like South Africa, India, packistan,Argentina, the list goes on and on. But what about our own country left to go to rack and ruin you just couldn’t make it up could you


    • Caven
      You say: “We pay in aprox 106bn Euros and receive back 46bn euros so the £53million we pay out is what we pay out after receiving our bit back”
      That makes no sense to me.
      In 2011 UK actually contributed some €11.27bn and received some €6.57bn . So what do your figures of 106bn and 46bn represent?

      Even the Daily Mail* says:
      “after taking into account what the country gets back in subsidies for farming and regional development projects, Britain paid £8.4billion more than it received last year”.
      £8.4bn per annum = £23million a day not £53million.



  10. Here we go again Rotherham in the Headlines again for all the wrong reasons with the second highest nuisance behaviour in the country with 68,7% per 1000 residents the only one worst is Manchester the average in England and Wales is 42% our Labour controlled Council and Police commissioner and south yorkshire police have again failed to serve the people of Rotherham. But I ask really what can we expect when the labour controlled council and police commissioner endorse and support a Deputy leader of the Council and a Vice chairman of the Police and crime panel who has a conviction for violence what a message that sends out
    I say enough is enough Rotherham deserves much much better.


  11. Well UKIP have had one victory today we have managed to split the conservatives and stuff Cameron over our long quest to get out of Europe
    Milliband will follow soon then Clegg
    So the Clown’s and Fruitcakes got it right again


  12. For those who want to pull out of Europe I say do not blame the system for this country’s inability to compete. Just look at Germany whose leadership is excellent and they have more immigrants than most.


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