John Wilkinson Rotherham UKIP Defends Candidate

John Wilkinson, Rotherham UKIP, statement in full:

“Let’s be clear: the ‘Guardian’ and others have got it wrong.
Caven Vines has never been a member of the BNP.

Any working relationship with Marlene Guest finished years ago. At the time Mr Vines was on Council Watch with her it should be noted that he was an Independent councillor and she was a Lib-Dem. After working with her over 10 years ago is it wrong to speak to her when meeting in public – at the count for instance?

Just so you all know.”

John Wilkinson
Agent for Caven Vines UKIP candidate for Rawmarsh ward.

2 thoughts on “John Wilkinson Rotherham UKIP Defends Candidate

  1. Some interesting facts about Labour and some directly to do with Rotherham:
    Margaret Burke’s ‘Nazi Past’ Should Not Bar Her From Office, Say Labour

    Former BNP activist made Blackburn / Darwen’s culture boss

    Rotherham:Labour councillor caught up in drunken fight in a restaurant given 130 hours’ community service.

    Lord Ahmed apologises ‘unreservedly’ for his anti-Semitic comments. Great: now Labour can kick him out

    Ken Livingstone: what he really thinks about Jews


  2. The thing what I dont understand.
    Can anyone ask this question to UKIP ,as I am a Respect Party supporter.
    Local elections there dont win seats as most of their policies are against European and immigration, they target mostly is European Parliament seats, as locally there policies are not challenging but european wise there seem to get alot of seats but the ones who are standing in the local elections as locally there not good enough but european are very strong on the increase.


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