Anston PC – Could it get worse? Yes, Robin Stonebridge turns up!

The quite delightful, LoveDinnington, has provided it’s readers with a further update after the last meeting of Anston parish council:

Anston Parish Council Branded as “Arrogant” in Formal Complaint

Robin Stonebridge attended the meeting of Anston parish council, something that has become a rarity in recent months. As sure as night follows day, Robin’s behaviour was quite outrageous, nothing new there then!

Rothpol has had sight of one of these formal complaints and it is quite clear, Robin’s words and actions were up to his usual standards and has brought further embarrassment to himself, the parish council and the labour party.

Just the kind of behaviour that would not be tolerated in the playground, never mind a parish council meeting! Surely time for a second ‘retirement’? But no further retirement presents, eh!

4 thoughts on “Anston PC – Could it get worse? Yes, Robin Stonebridge turns up!

  1. A contradiction in terms with an anorak who is obsessed (a specialist) with local affairs it would be ridiculous if they were not at the meetings. Long live local anoraks (including myself)


  2. I am a Parish Councillor on Anston Parish Council and I condem the verbal abuse of the Public by these two Cllrs. Both Cllrs involved should resign and the Chairman, who sat and watched the whole thing without taking any action (on two seperate occasions) should follow them. The Chairman sits on the Standards Committee at RMBC, yet fails to do anything when his friends treat the public with disrespect.
    Two Cllrs abuse the public, Cllr Beck, the Chairman sits and watches, does nothing, and still he sits on the Standards Committee, the Code of Conduct applies to all
    Cllr Stuart Thornton
    Anston Parish Council.


  3. Always two sides to every story and Stuart you are just looking at one side. Bye the way always great to read your posts. Keep it up!


    • Here is the other side:
      Stonebridge verbally abused a member of the public at the PC meeting. I was sitting next to her and Stonebridge vented his anger by calling her ‘sad and needs to get a life’ He then went on to call her and several other residents ‘anoraks with nothing better to do’.
      Cllr.Thornton’s statement is correct , Chairman Beck did not say anything about Stonebridge’s behaviour nor did he reprimand him but that is not surprising given that Beck, Stonebridge and St.John are all members of the left wing clique doing their best to overule democracy in Anston.
      Voices of dissent? Strictly out of order. Questioning the integrity of some councillors? Strictly out of order. Procedural impropriety seems to be the norm.
      You could’nt make it up.


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