The hard work starts now!

Time now for the serious end of this exercise, identifying those Borough Councillors who have failed to declare, either some of their own interests, or those of a spouse.

Rotherham Politics publishes the second set of downloads, a few have been revised, but are still believed deficient in certain particulars.

This is one of those times that readers are also our ‘eyes and ears’, please let us know what you discover! Use either Rothpol, Rikileaks or simply leave it as a comment, from where I can pick it up.

Labour 28/03/13 29/04/13
Ahmed S  Ahmed S Ahmed S2
Akhtar J  Akhtar J Akhtar J2
Ali S  Ali S Ali S2
Andrews J  Andrews J Andrews J2
Astbury L  Astbury L Astbury L2
Atkin A  Atkin A Atkin A2
Barron I  Barron I Barron I2
Beaumont C  Beaumont C Beaumont C2
Beck D  Beck D Beck D2
Buckley A  Buckley A Buckley A2
Burton J  Burton J Burton J2
Clark M  Clark M Clark M2
Currie S  Currie S Currie S2
Dalton J  Dalton J Dalton J2
Dodson B  Dodson B Dodson B2
Doyle J  Doyle J Doyle J2
Ellis S  Ellis S Ellis S2
Falvey J  Falvey C Falvey J2
Foden J  Foden J Foden J2
Godfrey M  Godfrey M Godfrey M2
Gosling A  Gosling A Gosling A2
Goulty K  Goulty K Goulty K2
Hamilton J  Hamilton J Hamilton J2
Hamilton N  Hamilton N Hamilton N2
Havenhand J  Havenhand J Havenhand J2
Hoddinott E  Hoddinott E Hoddinott E2
Hussain M  Hussain M Hussain M2
Johnston L  Johnston L Johnston L2
Kaye B  Kaye B Kaye B2
Lakin P  Lakin P Lakin P2
Lelliott D  Lelliott D Lelliott D2
License N  License N License N2
McNeely R  McNeely R McNeely R2
Pickering D  Pickering D Pickering D2
Pitchley L  Pitchley L Pitchley L2
Read C  Read C Read C2
Robinson C  Robinson C Robinson C2
Roche D  Roche D Roche D2
Roddison A  Roddison A Roddison A2
Rushforth A  Rushforth A Rushforth A2
Russell A  Russell A Russell A2
Russell P  Russell P Russell P2
Russell R  Russell R Russell R2
Sangster A  Sangster A Sangster A2
Sharman T  Sharman T Sharman T2
Sims K  Sims K Sims K2
Smith G  Smith G Smith G2
Steele B  Steele B Steele B2
Stone R  Stone R Stone R2
Swift J  Swift J Swift J2
Tweed S  Tweed S Tweed S2
Wallis E  Wallis E Wallis E2
Watson G  Watson G Watson G2
Whelbourn G  Whelbourn G Whelbourn G2
Whysall J  Whysall J Whysall J2
Wooton P  Wootton P Wootton P2
Wright S  Wright S Vacant
Wyatt K  Wyatt K Wyatt K2
Conservative 28/03/13 29/04/13
Donaldson L  Lynda Donaldson Donaldson L2
Gilding J  John Gilding Gilding J2
Mannion T  Tony Mannion Mannion A2
Middleton C  Middleton C Middleton C2
Independent 28/03/13 29/04/13
Jepson C  Clive Jepson Clive_Jepson

Many of the above, in addition to being a Borough Councillor, double up by being parish or Town Councillors too. This page on the Council website allows you to check their parish interests declaration, Parish Council Interests Declarations. These days, there would have to be compelling reasons for the two not to be identical.

I was surprised then to be informed, by an ‘eagled eyed’ spotter to whom I am grateful, of distinct differences in the declarations of Judy Dalton on Anston parish council vs RMBC. Your attention is drawn to sections 1, 4 and 9, in particular.

Useful Resources:

Register of Interest Notes – July 2012, July 2012 Register of Interest Form – Borough and Code of Conduct for Members and Coopted Members.

2 thoughts on “The hard work starts now!

  1. Its surprising how many people dont live in houses in Rotherham, do you not have an interest in the building you live in, be it rented or bought ?.


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