Battle Won – The Fight Goes On!

Sandra Horridge, Secretary of the Hands Off Stubbin Lane Community Action Group, has sent us her reflections on a victory won but with the war still far from over:

From the Advertiser: Victory, But the Battle Goes On! 

‘The evidence given during the local Public Inquiry held at the Drop-In Community Centre Upper Haugh on 20 and 21 November 2012 confirmed amongst other things, the deliberate attempt to acquire part of Stubbin Lane highway for the applicant’s personal use and the encouragement / lack of opposition to this by Rotherham Metropolitan Council(RMBC).

In addition, it became clear that  RMBC (as a Highway Authority) was in breach of its statutory duties and had advised the applicant to ‘stop up’ the highway following the awarding of retrospective planning permission by RMBC for a building upon land which he did not own and is a public amenity.

The applicant, Gary Watson, 11 Hoober Court, Upper Haugh, upon cross examination, admitted that the land was not part of his property, had committed the criminal offence of obstructing a public highway and removed a public right of way.

Naeem Siraj, barrister has provided advice for the next stage of the proceedings.’

Sandra Horridge

1 thought on “Battle Won – The Fight Goes On!

  1. I find it quite staggering that the Department for Transport would appoint an inspector to conduct an inquiry, after they had received robust legal advice that they emphatically did not have jurisdiction to consider an application for Watson’s stopping-up order.

    Furthermore, the inspector was strongly advised at the start of the inquiry that he did not have jurisdiction to conduct the inquiry because of the circumstances of the application and yet he continued in the face of the advice.

    Not surprisingly, several months later, the inspector confirmed that he did not have jurisdiction to pass judgement on the application!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – well, slap my thigh.

    Frankly, I’m not at all staggered by such incompetence, because the real motivation for the public servants involved was simply sustaining their big fat salaries; in that they took a juicy fee off the applicant, they sat in their offices doing their job wrongly, when they were told they were in the wrong they just shrugged their shoulders and said “we are where we are” and all of them continued to receive their big fat salaries and made a complete cock-up of it all – and all with complete impunity!


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