Rawmarsh By-Election Candidate Statement – Martyn Parker

I was born in Kilnhurst and  lived in and around the area for 20 years which included living in the Parkgate  area and attending a local Comprehensive school.

After leaving school I worked  at Central Engineering Workshops and Brinsworth Strip Mill for seven years which  were both part of British Steel.

In 1986,  under Mrs Thatcher’s government, I was made redundant from Brinsworth Strip  Mill, so I experienced at first hand the hardships and sacrifices made by the  working man. However, I channelled this in a positive way and took the  opportunity to retrain which allowed me to secure a job as a vending engineer  where I worked tirelessly for seven years before I decided to make the brave  decision of starting my own vending business, which has now been established for  nearly 20 years.

As we all  know, the common misconception people have of a Conservative is a posh,  privately educated person born with ‘a silver spoon’ but the people of Rawmarsh  can clearly relate to someone such as myself who has strived to work hard for  all of my life and has been committed to providing a living for my family and  contributing to our society.

I know the  value of hard work, I know how tough it can be to provide for your family on a  limited income but at the same time, I know that through perseverance and  dedication, we can achieve anything that we want.

I have  previously been a councillor for RMBC from 2008-2012 and this was a very  significant part of my working life because it allowed me to constructively  challenge the Labour run council and hold them to account but most importantly because it allowed me to serve the people of Wickersley and relate to the issues  affecting them.

My message to the people of Rawmarsh is: a vote for the  Conservative Party is a vote for experience, a vote of absolute commitment to  our local community and a vote for someone who knows how our council works and  how to make sure Rawmarsh is given a fair  representation.

Promoted by Omar Mehban on behalf of Martyn Parker and the  Conservative Party, both at 1b South Terrace, Moorgate Street, Rotherham, S60  2EU

Polling day in the Rawmarsh by-election, is 16th May.

8 thoughts on “Rawmarsh By-Election Candidate Statement – Martyn Parker

  1. I would like to ask Mr Parker if the Conservative Party is so commited to the Local community of Rawmarsh or any any other community why have they introduced this totaly unfair Bed room Tax which people caught in this trap living in a two bedroom house cannot avoid paying Pleas can he tell us what option is open to these unfortunate people caught in this totaly unfair and discrimination form of TAX Please tell us how they can avoid it.


    • The tories austerity package is devastating the lives of the most vulnerable in society, but how can you comment while standing for UKIP, the party that says we need MORE austerity!?


    • Caven,
      This election is not about national government policy, it is not a vote of confidence for David Cameron or Ed Miliband. It is an important for the people of Rawmarsh to decide who is the best candidate to represent them in RMBC and who is up to the job of scrutinising the activities of the council effectively?
      If the Labour run council despise the so-called ‘bedroom tax’ as much as they say, I’m sure every ward in the borough would be grateful if they could find alternative spending cuts to save public money. The government has tried to maximise the independence of local councils, now the onus is on them to deliver.
      Finally, having lived in Rawmarsh for many years, he’s more than able to relate to the local community and like you, he has previous experience as a councillor. (views are mine, not the party’s)


  2. As Mr portillo said, “if people knew what the conservatives were going to do no one would have voted them in.” A vote for any conservative is a vote for injustice and those who disagree just walk round Parkgate and talk to people or put yourself in the shoes of those struggling like IDS said he would do but did not. Always funny to hear a conservative talking the value of hard work as if low income families are lazy.


  3. I want to ask Omar Mehrban this question.
    How many more times will he switched parties as the record states he has switched four parties already will he be able to break the record.


    • Michael Sylvester has the record for jumping ship the most, if you count each time he has joined and rejoined! He is currently a member of the Labour Party I believe!


  4. I want to ask ‘annonymous’ how many times HE will switch parties?
    His uncle stood for the Liberals in 2011 whom he backed,
    Then he backed the Tories in 2012 when his other uncle stood for them and now, lo and behold he is working for Respect.
    I know perfectly well who this ‘annonymous’ chap is therefore can state the above with confidence.


  5. Fact check: I have been a member of three parties, not four.
    Labour (2010-11) Conservative Party (2011, 2013-) OMRLP (2012)
    I helped Yvonne Ridley because of who she is, not her political party.


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