No One Claimed Rotherham Was Unique In Experiencing This Problem

The internet is awash with information about the ‘Oxford Child Sexual Abuse Trial’ verdicts. This is a link to the Guardian coverage which is one of the more balanced:

Oxford gang found guilty of grooming and sexually exploiting girls

What has always concerned us at Rotherham Politics, is the woeful lack of prosecutions in South Yorkshire? It is that lack, that seems to make South Yorkshire unique!

4 thoughts on “No One Claimed Rotherham Was Unique In Experiencing This Problem

  1. Asian + Labour Council + South Yorkshire Police + the rasist card sums it up for me What else would you expect in Rotherham go to ground and hope it gets lost in the rest of the rubbish swept under the carpet.


    • Totally agree Caven except, the police cannot act if the council refuse to pass on information gathered by their social workers which I believe is the case in Rotherham. Thus, it appears to me that the passing of information was blocked by the people in charge of child protection, at the top, the likes of our current PCC who now puts on the second of his 2 faces and talks about what should be and should have been done. The man is a disgrace to the office of senior councillor and an absolute disgrace to the non-office of PCC. The sooner he is removed from his current post, the better.


  2. Rotherham continues to have its problems, still no convictions.

    Wright was the Cllr in charge of Children Services at the time of the grooming scandal, he is now branded the laziest PCC in the country, anyone see the link?


  3. Sandra Laville’s story in the Guardian may provide some answers to that question.
    It was only when a near-retirement cop began to put all the disparate pieces together that the full picture began to emerge, and a case began to be built.
    It needs that level of dedication and tenacity.
    Oxford has a Labour majority council.
    Two of the guilty were Eritrean; African not Asian.


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