Andrew Norfolk Wins Orwell Prize

Andrew Norfolk, the Times Chief Investigative Reporter, has today won the prestigious Orwell Prize!

The Orwell Prize – Winners Announced

The Orwell Prize Andrew Norfolk citation

Andrew Norfolk has done more than anyone else to highlight the problem of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham in addition to recently exposing Lord Ahmed as an anti-semite, who claimed an international Jewish conspiracy was responsible for his dangerous driving conviction!

Rothpol adds his hearty congratulations to Andrew, upon this recognition, he so richly deserves!

4 thoughts on “Andrew Norfolk Wins Orwell Prize

  1. Congratulations Mr. Norfolk.

    If not for the tenacious investigative journalism of Andrew Norfolk the scale of the of child abuse scandal in Rotherham and across the country would have never have come to light.

    You know when you have a real problem with those supposedly working to protect children in Rotherham factor into the decision making process, community cohesion as an issue on how to approach the systematic abuse of vulnerable children in Rotherham

    Some in the higher echelons of the controlling RMBC Labour group may well need to reflect on their lack of action regarding the Rotherham abuse scandal, including PCC Wright and if at all possible, and I will not hold my breath, do as Andrew Norfolk has done, make a difference to the world our children live in.


    • It is an unfortunately inconvenient truth for the liberal consensus that in fact Nick Griffin of the BNP and the tireless efforts of Marlene Guest were in fact the one who dared to lift the lid on the racial and religious rape and murder carried out by mainly Pakistani men on white girls. The establishment then tried to silence him by trying him for racially aggravated offences TWICE.
      Mr Norfolk has merely tried to claim the bravado of these people and draw the attention from their work because ‘people like them’ are not allowed to be correct as it does not fit the narrative.
      I contend that the lily gilding Mr Norfolk has done will result in no change. Neither will the police nor the social services suffer the consequences of their wilful dereliction of duty.

      Mr Wright will do nothing either, but at least he can be held to account for it on his re election, should there be one.


  2. Well Done Andrew Norfolk and from me Thank you for all your efforts in bringing out into the open this scandal in Rotherham Now its upto us to keep the pressure on Rotherham Council and our part time PCC until the people responsible have been brought to justic and those doing their best to protect them are brought to book.


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