Andrew Norfolk Wins Orwell Prize – More Reflections

Shame on the Rotherham Council Labour Group: Busting their self deceits

*This was not a victimless failure on their part*, the victims are all too real and there will new victims as a result of their inaction.

*It couldn’t happen again*?

Well it will be happening right now,  with some of the same perpetrators and some new.  This is a money making criminal activity and while the publicity may have moved it temporarily elsewhere it has only been deflected.

In the end they got away with it in Rotherham, and in the end it makes them money.

By *failing to undertake an independent and public enquiry* the Councillors of Rotherham have further failed us and especially young girls and women. Ironically we know what happened in Oxford, Rochdale and other towns better than in Rotherham.

We are told that they have improved procedures, but given that we don’t know what went wrong how can we judge? The Labour members could have demanded an enquiry, but were too afraid of the publicity for themselves, not the children’s sake.

*Here is the nub. The general public opinion is that the failings were something to do with being politically correct.*

*My opinion is that it wasn’t just about the race or religion of the perpetrators, but equally because the victims were poor, often ill educated and isolated. These kids had no voice, no power.*

A Labour Party Group that doesn’t look after the disadvantaged?

For what we know we have in the main to thank the journalist Andrew Norfolk, a man seriously despised by most senior councillors.

*It was the Police “what dun it” *is the off the records excuse of many councillors. Rubbish, many council officers who had concerns  reported it upwards within the council and were asked to keep quiet in order not to prejudice potential prosecutions; prosecutions that did not happen.

Thank you Andrew, what fear that has been put into the perpetrators is due to you.

Wil Ewart

1 thought on “Andrew Norfolk Wins Orwell Prize – More Reflections

  1. Why does it take someone miles away from us to finally do something about the blatant corruption seeping through every pore if this town. Well done Andrew Norfolk. I no longer recognize the town I was born and have lived in for 41 years. Who is now going to put things right for the future of my 5 year old. I am now ashamed to tell people where I come from due to the sickness of my beloved (previously) town.


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