Rawmarsh By-Election 2013 – points to ponder before voting today!

Don’t you think that PCC Shaun Wright & his ‘wannabe’ replacement Councillor wife are the greediest couple in Rotherham? Apparently not content with his £85,000 annual salary plus expenses, he decided he could remain as a Rotherham Councillor as well – has the man no shame! Then we learn that he is resigning from Rotherham Council to create a by-election – but what do the Wrights do next? – his wife, Lisa, is adopted as the Labour Party candidate for her husband’s ‘still warm’ Rawmarsh seat! Almost overnight, as a result of the imposition of an All Women Shortlist, other Local Labour Party members, with far more political experience, merit and long-standing work within the local Ward, were cast aside to facilitate the former Mayoress – what a ‘kick in the teeth’ for those aspiring to become Rawmarsh Ward’s next Councillor!

Is this what ‘democracy’ looks like or is it simply the creation of a next generation ‘dynasty’ of Lisa continuing in the family tradition and following in the footsteps of her mother, Lindsay Johnston, a current Rotherham Councillor, her late grandmother and her great grandfather to keep a Council seat within the family? Aren’t they doing well!

Ah well, by this time tomorrow, Lisa will be the new Labour Rawmarsh Councillor, which brings me back to where I started – Rawmarsh will have the greediest couple in Rotherham and PCC Wright will still have influence on Rotherham Council, albeit through his wife, who will then be adding her Councillors’ allowance and expenses, not to mention Special Responsibility allowances no doubt in the near future, to the family coffers!

As the former US President, John F Kennedy once said, “ask not what your Party can do for you, but rather, what you can do for your Party” – perhaps the Wrights should ponder upon this?

Miners Daughter

5 thoughts on “Rawmarsh By-Election 2013 – points to ponder before voting today!

  1. Well said but he also has a new title to add to the Greediest he ilso now branded the Laziest
    £85,000 not bad for a very part time job


    • I think you are getting carried away again Caven.
      I seem to remember he was only branded the THIRD laziest! (Out of, I think it’s 33 of them). 🙂

      Whilst I could never be a UKIP supporter, I really and truly would prefer you to get elected to that seat than Lisa.


  2. Well Regular Reader, you got your wish! Our Caven beat her and thank goodness he did, at least we know now that some of the voters who said “Labour at any cost” have seen through the whole Labour scam which is what RMBC’s Labour Group are about.


  3. “Lisa will be the new Labour Rawmarsh Councillor.”

    Apparently not. The electorate are beginning to see through the lies and deceit of LibLabCon.

    Baldwin, William George British National Party 80
    Gray, Andrew Tony Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 61
    Meharban, Mohammed Liberal Democrats 28
    Parker, Martyn Lawton The Conservative Party Candidate 107
    Vines, Caven UK Independence Party 1143 Elected
    Wright, Lisa Marie Labour Party Candidate 1039


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