UKIP’s Victory Not Universally Welcomed!

I feel shameful that we have our first UKIP councillor elected in Rotherham.

As an immigrant and a daughter of an immigrant from Kashmir, I have spent most of my life in this country working hard and proudly giving back. It saddens me that my home town has voted for a party with an anti-immigration stance that betrays deep rooted prejudices.

All my life I have worked to celebrate the diversity in our society and enjoy our differences because there is no alternative for me. My work in communities, on programmes like Make Bradford British and writing plays showed our common human nature and our ability to reach out and touch one another. Immigrants are people like any other people who want a better life for themselves and their families. What’s wrong with that desire? It’s what our country is built on!

Please stand up if you think your origins have always been here. If yes, you are indeed very rare and special.  We are all descended from immigrants; it’s only a matter of how long ago we or our ancestors came here! The Anglo-Saxons came from Germany and even Nigel Farage is descended from a French immigrant, I bet they didn’t tell you that on the doorstep.

Last year, after seeing the rise of UKIP in the Rotherham By-election, it motivated me to work with Steve Rogers to reprise our second play Faultlines – The Second Generation, which is currently touring Yorkshire.

The play is a unique insight into life in 1970’s Rotherham, the arrival of South Asian families, the growth of racism and the National Front. How relevant all of this is today! The play explores racial tensions, the fight against intolerance and the need to build community relationships.

Taiba Yasseen
A local Lass
If you are interested in supporting the play, please contact us on 07541 475159.

38 thoughts on “UKIP’s Victory Not Universally Welcomed!

  1. We in UKIP are not anti immigrant, as is often stated in the socialist press. Our position is that we have a problem with the numbers coming into our country and are particularly concerned about the numbers of Romanians and Bulgarians we can expect in 2014 when we are forced, under EU rules, to open our borders.

    We are 250,000 school places short this year and the pressure on housing continues. We have a large number of people unemployed, which will only get worse in 2014. We need to absorb the ones we have and get unemployment down before we open our borders to unfettered immigration. Unfortunately as long as our laws are being made in Brussels we are not allowed to make our own rules.

    Most of the world requires a work permit or promise of a job before you can go there to work. I don’t think it is unreasonable to ask the same. I have worked in LIbya, Algeria, Nigeria, Hong Kong, North America and on detachment in Australia. Every country required a work permit.


  2. We in UKIP think that our government in the UK should be able to control our immigration and not be bound by directives from the E.U. We have no hidden agenda viz-a-viz immigrants. We believe all citizens should be treated equally under the law. The same laws should be applied to all UK residents whatever their origin. In my opinion, Sharia law should not have any place in British society.


    • Regarding immigration,almost sounds plausible. However I think your are barking up the wrong tree. All the frustration is being diverted the wrong way. Unemployment will remain the same or worse without the influx of immigrants. The types of low paid menial jobs natives wouldn’t entertain. As far as shariah law, you seen to be misinformed. There is no law equal to brutish law. people of faith Christian,Muslim,Jew have for.decades seek guidance relating to various aspecrd such as marital affairs,finance, etc. you seem to take a minority view of fanatics and play on the sentiments of ordinary folk. such as marital affairs, choose to be guides


  3. In order to protect everybody in this country what ever their origin, a sensible cap of 50K a year is in everybodies interests. It is up to the home nation where ever to make the choices on how many people enter the nation. It is also important for people coming to what ever country, that they integrate into the new nation, rather than living in separate communities and respect the culture of the country they are entering. I read a article today saying that the west is far less racist than some of the other countries who accuse us of it.


  4. Taiba Yasseen: Nigel Farage is descended from a French immigrant. Then so is the Queen she’s descended from German Immigrants..The honest truth is the majority of indiginous people of this country have simply had enough of immigration. Anybody that does not accept that is either a liar of a deluded person who is not in touch with reality. This country cannot continue with the level of immigration that occurred during the last Labour government, its infrastructure will break down leading to serious trouble. I am not a member of UKIP and I do not believe UKIP are racists, merely realists, and everybody who is legally in this country of whatever race ( I am delberately omiting religion as rotherpol does not like it being mentioned) is entitled to equal treatment and equal opportunity to advance themselves, and of course many immigrants have massively contributed to this country, but unless you believe like David Blunkett that there is no limit to the amount of immigants it can absorb then it needs restricting severely. I predict that any political party that neglects this issue and is disconnected from the electorate on it, then they wil pay a heavy price at the ballot box.


    • These are still claims and are no proven beyond doubt. The same political agenda drives this research as does most ‘independent’ university and corporate sponsored work, Only projects receive money that look in direction the politically correct establishment desires.
      The notion of mongrel nation status for Britons is a provable myth, until 1948 Britain had the fourth most ethnically homogeneous nation on earth. The invasions by Rome, and various Norse and northern Europeans were small and the numbers that inter bred smaller. The largest number of immigrants that arrived in England in a single event were 30,000 Huguenots, of which Nigel Farage is partly descended from. if any ethnically English, Irish, Scots, Welsh or indeed Cornish ma checked his blood history at least 75 per cent of his genetic make up would be the same as those who were here 15000 years ago after the last ice age.


    • It is precisely this kind of moronic bigotry you display that fatally undermines any merit in your spurious statements.
      Genuine political discourse is always welcome, your kind of comment is not! Rotherham Politics will not go down into the gutter that you inhabit!


  5. The title is ‘UKIP’S Victory Not Universally Welcomed’
    Perhaps I’m missing something: One anti UKIP post is not ‘universal’. Rotherham is not the centre of the Universe.
    Taiba Yasseen is protected in Britain because she has the right to Free speech, a freedom she would be denied in Kashmir. If she actually readsUKIP’s Manifesto she will find UKIP believe that a sovereign British government should have the right to control it its own borders without interference from the EU.
    Previous comments above explain the whys and wherefores.
    Taiba should also note Nigel is married to a German lady.UKIP anti immigrant? I think not.


    • So what about UKIP’s intention to raise working people’s tax to 33% whilst lowering it for the rich to 33%. ( As Jim Royal would say ‘ equality my arse’). Then there’s old boozy’ Nige’s intention to cut the NHS and public services further and even more than the Condems. (How representative of the public’s views). Not to mention the up and coming electoral deals with the Tories. (Happening as I write). Once you examine UKIP you see its not a real option for Rotherham or the country.

      UKIP only talk openly about immigration. They see it has an issue to catch the eye and grab protest votes. UKIP survives and flourishes on fear. Hopefully as its other policies begin to be examined in more details people will see them for what they are: Right Wing Tories in sheep’s clothing.

      One thing I find distasteful on here (RothPol) is the way Asian and immigrant voices and comments are always countered by questions or comments about religion. It’s wrong and should stop. Personally I have no religious faith. (My Gods for my sins are Sheffield Wednesday – yes I was born in Sheffield – French Connection and Dorothy Perkins). However, each to their own. We should all remember Rotherham Politics is for Rotherham citizens – no matter the place of their birth or faith.

      But back to religion. A man or woman has more influences that shape their opinion than ‘religious faith’. In future can we stick to the issues. To drag Islam or Christianity or Judaism (my birth faith) etc in to debates for no obvious reason as an issue only indicates bigotry. By all means if we are talking about Lord Ahmed’s diatribes and bigotry and such it’s acceptable. But sadly far too often it’s just used as an insult or a means of division.

      On the subject of race I was most interested to see the article in the ‘Tizer’ on the UKIP representative for Rawmarsh attending a BNP meeting,for, in his words, ‘research’.. Why? We all know what the BNP stand for; fascism! I have met Cavan way back in the past in a previous existence and life. (By the way I’m not a Spiritualist either – I should have said role). I feel he isn’t a racist. But Caven please show better judgement in the future. And let’s hope more ‘misjudgments’ don’t show up.

      While I didn’t vote for Caven I’d like to congratulate him on his victory. It wasn’ the result *a UKIP win) I would have liked (neither did I want any of the main parties) but well done. That’s democracy. I hope Cavan does a good job for ALL the people’s of Rawmarsh. I trust him to do so despite his politics. However, if he doesn’t I’m sure RothPol will be watching.

      XX Sally Kate xxxx

      Re the EDL gathering on Saturday in Rotherham. A few questions.

      Why were they openly allowed to cause chaos, mayhem and violence and swear and insult Asian and immigrant shoppers without arrest?
      Why did they constantly give Nazi salutes when actually my Dad was British and sort of fought the Nazis.
      Why were they allowed to get drunk and stand outside the old Effingham Pub intimidating everyone? I even saw them swear and insult an OAP shopper who committed the crime of saying ‘shame on you.’ (By the way what they said to me when I told the off for doing it is unprintable – so is what they said they would do to me)
      Why did I see people I know on it who vote UKIP on the march. Okay UKIP can’t chose who votes for them but are UKIP going to distance themselves from the actions of the EDL and these individuals and explain to their average voters why they (The EDL) are a vile bunch of thugs and openly say and comment on this and in the press?

      Love and Hugs xxxx


      • A load of tosh from a disappointed left-winger.
        You have NOT read UKIP’s manifesto otherwise your post would not be filled with glaring errors.
        Back to school for you.


  6. I will say one thing on all this No one knows what a UKIP Councillor will do for their ward they have been given the mandate to represent the people of that ward because their has never been a UKIP councillor in Rotherham till now so give me a chance to settle in and get through the barriers and force field put by the labour controlled council then have go and bring me to account. if i dont perform and do as I said in my election campain.
    I have been a cllr for 4 days inc sat and sunday and I have been sworn at by a fellow labour ward councillor thats because they fear me because UKIP do not bring in the whip against their local cllrs we are free to represent our wards for the people not the political group.
    I have challenged Iain Duncan Smith to visit Rotherham and see what his bedroom tax is doing to the people affected by it how its distroying lives.
    Labour have had three councillors in the ward for years but what have they done to try and sort it now’t because they have been told that if they get back nto power they will not revers it like they have never reversed any of Maggie Thatchers policies only added to them.
    People have had enough of being taken for granted and have put their trust and confidence in me to help them have a voice. If I dont do what i have pledged in my election campain then you are justifed in taking me to account
    But don’t condem us before we have had a chance to provr ourselves.


  7. Good luck with the Bedroom Tax. Cavan. Perhaps the craziest and most evil tax since he Corn Laws. I challenged Roger Stone on this and got no reply. The man’s a Tory.

    I also signed the national petitions concerning Iain Duncan Smith, Grant Shapps and Lord Freud lying about disability benefit drop out rates. (They added almost a million williy nilly just for affect and fun and its been officially questioned). Maybe UKIP can take the latter up as an issue as Labour seem to have ignored it?


    • Well the so called Bedroom Tax was brought in for private tenants by Labour in 2008 Worse than the Corn Laws? Done history at school did we? Dry behind your ears Sally Kate


      • Of course I ‘done’ history at school deary. Just after working down the pit for 43 hours a day. I was in the same class as Ebenezer Elliot. In fact he copied my poems he did dunt thar know..

        I didn’t learn very much in English. Just enough to know ‘we’ isn’t a singular pronoun unless used in a Royal sense. Although one definition to be found is “Used instead of you in direct address, especially to imply a patronizing camaraderie with the addressee.” Suits you sir!

        Oh and I always dry behind my ears love. Catch cold if I didn’t xxxx


  8. Well Cavan, probably Norfolk now knows, with one UKIP councillor being investigated for malpractice and another for shoplifting!


  9. A load of tosh from a disappointed left-winger.You have NOT read UKIP’s manifesto otherwise your post would not be filled with glaring errors.
    Back to school for you. From Colin Toah

    I left school 40 years ago hun. And i was a Goal Attack not Left Wing. I tried football for a while. Midfield was my position. Central by the way. You know so little about moi. Dismissing anyone who disagrees or questions UKIP as ‘a disappointed left winger’ – how illuminating. How very UKIP.

    By the way it was all from old boozy Nige’s mouth on the Beeb – just before he got shirty.and took his ball home. The mardy bum.

    It seems Colin you know so little about your leader or what he says – on the tele’ of all places. Well I never.It must have been Mike Yarwood. Or perhaps you try to forget and avoid. Now please point out the glaring errors or did old Tory Nige tell fibs? Please say he is a fibber. If not then he must have told the truth re NHS cuts,the 30 % tax equality plan and the deals with the Tory constituencies (that one was an exclusive – I saw it i saw it I saw it I did – the Politics Show with Andrew Neil – a lot more did too)

    Back to prep school babes for being patronizing – it doesn’t help. Although I’d just thought I’d try it. Last time.So not moi.

    UKIP will raise taxes for the working man, cut them for the rich, slash spending on the NHS (Nige said it).


    • You originally said ‘UKIP’s intention to raise working people’s tax to 33% whilst lowering it for the rich to 33%.’ Wrong.
      UKIP Manifesto actually says; A flat rate tax of 31%.
      Then you posted ‘the 30 % tax equality plan’. Between two posts you managed an error of 3% on the proposed tax rate. Did you struggle with sums at school?’
      ‘re NHS cuts,’ As I type this I’m looking at UKIP’s manifesto but perhaps you’d like to post a link that shows me where UKIP propose to cut NHS spending. I also watched Farage on the Politics show and unless the BBC broadcast a special edition for my benefit Farage did not say NHS spending would be cut,what he did say was he wants to end ‘Health Tourism’ which will require non-UK citizens to pay for their treatment. And that is a cut in NHS spending?? Well I never.
      I criticised your post because you wrote false and erroneous information, if I write in a similar vein I expect other posters will correct my mistakes, it’s known as Freedom of Speech and I would not get uptight about it.


  10. Don’t worry. I never get uptight.I just express my opinion: as you do. Quite rightly so – it is RothPol.

    Of course I struggled with sums at school. Well not sums but trigonometry. However UKIP’s 31% tax equality plan (must be one of Baldrick;s cunning one’s me thinks) is still a tax rise for the majority of working men and women while a tax cut for the fat cats. Thank you for confirming that.

    hugs and kisses.

    PS: sorry I aint ejucated luv. I suppose that means I aint got a write to sez wat I think. Must try to get a degree then I can say thingys. Maybe I will try for three degrees. Loved them. Especially ‘With Love” and ‘Year of Decision’. Strange coz i’m really an old rock chick. But we all have out little guilty pleasures.


  11. UKIP NHS privatisation ?

    UKIP propose that “County Health Boards will put out to tender healthcare services such as Hospitals and GP surgeries. These tenders will be in the form of ‘franchise agreements’ and ‘franchise partners’ in which private companies (non-profit and profit making), charitable trust, co-operative professionals and other legally recognised associations offer to run key services for a fixed budget. This brings to the NHS private sector efficiency and innovation… Franchise partners would be sought for all areas of the NHS including GP surgery franchise contracts, hospitals, ambulances, dental and mental health care, with contracts issued in bidding processes”. In its vision “Employees will serve the NHS but be employed by private organisations.”


  12. Sally stop cherry picking we also said we would scrap national insurance and raise the tax threshold for low paid workers now work that out and you will see that the tax is not going up to 31% and Labour Love PFI thats why our town is upto its eyesin debt and cant afford to cut the grass


    • I don’t think she does misunderstand UKIP. No matter what counter evidence is offered SKT is one of the unfortunate people who views the political world through tunnel lenses.
      Rearrange the following words to make a well known phrase or saying:
      In Bee Bonnet Her.


      • Awww Colin.You again judge too much and far too readily. Sorry I’m a floating voter but UKIP don’t impress with the way they shout down those that question. (So Farage) . Especially with your patronizing tones; think female voters – all that macho dismissal and insults – so Mr Stone / RMBC (the on’es we are actually supposed to be watching) and so not good for UKIP. Take note form Caven’s approach. It’s issues not personalities we disagree on.

        To anonymous.- quite a common name that. At least I have the guts to use my real one. But hey – good luck Anon.

        Regarding Cavan. – as you know I don’t agree with you on some things but at least you have the good sense and decency to be polite and debate. (Some seem to have ignored I congratulated you on your victory). I will support your fight against council corruption and your battle against the bedroom tax. Sometimes we will agree’ – others not. Although I would never vote for UKIP in its present form (still too Tory) I’m sure we will (as we have in the past) have common ground on certain issues.

        Rearrange the following words to make a well known phrase or saying: out Colin chill get don’t your twist a knickers in.

        PS: I’m moving on now to the to the Government Report on RMBC. You can’t keep a floating vote down;sorry Old Leftie as Colin said i was when i disagreed with UKIP. So funny.


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