5 thoughts on “Barron’s Half Million Capital Gain!

  1. How do I become a ‘working class’ Labour MP who pretends to hate the free market while at the same time ripping off taxpayers?
    What happened to Honesty,Integrity and fighting to protect the disadvantaged? Oh I know, get elected and don’t do what it says on the tin.


  2. I am old enough to remember Barron being known as the ‘Red Barron’ when he worked at Maltby Pit. As far as I’m concerned he ought now to be known as ‘Blue Barron’! He’s adopted every Tory value short of joining their party.
    For gods sake Barron go join the Tories – you are not the sort of Labour MP that I want to vote for!
    Half a million quid profit – you should hang your head in shame.


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