2400 victims and still counting!

The Daily Telegraph is right up to the minute with the CSE story:

Thousands of child sex abuse victims, says minister

More than 2,400 children and young people were confirmed to have been victims of sex abuse gangs in just 14 months, a Home Office minister has revealed.

Lord Taylor of Holbeach said the figure – which he described as “dramatic” – hinted at the true scale of organised sex abuse in Britain.

The minister said police forces must “lend a positive ear” to complaints from children in the future, in a bid to avoid a repeat of sexual abuse which has been exposed in a series of recent criminal trials.

“This has been perhaps the point of failure in the system that these allegations have not been listened to or taken seriously by the authorities in the past,” he told peers.

Police found 2,409 children and young people had been confirmed as victims of sexual exploitation in gangs or groups between August 2010 and October 2011, said Lord Taylor.

Lord Morris of Aberavon, the Labour former attorney general, told the House of Lords that more than 50 alleged child grooming gangs were being investigated. Continue reading

1 thought on “2400 victims and still counting!

  1. Lord Morris asks why has it taken so long for the investigating and prosceuting of these child grooming gangs in so many parts of the country, is it the fear of accusations of racialism, or is it the fact that many of these vulnerable girls come from care homes? It’s clearly both!
    According to the Sun there are “three investigations” into this ongoing in Rotherham, so there are still a lot of nervous taxi drivers about!


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