Ruffling UKIP’s Feathers

Faultline Picture

I seem to have ruffled a few UKIPees in Rotherham and beyond, yippee! I honestly had not heard so much tosh before based on a narrow view of the world which fails to see its own contradictions, as with most oppressors.

After my last post, supporters of the recently elected Mr Vine’s have been trying to justify their nonsensical shifting position on immigration. Apparently, they are not anti immigration. So that’s why they were proposing a 5 year ban on immigration for settlement? Then their friends in big business had to point out their stupidity: of course our economy needs immigrants!

Do these people not know our British history? Clearly, the 5 year ban had to slip, to allow a mere 50,000 immigrants each year (yes dimness is spreading). Big business is still not happy so now UKIP have to contemplate letting more in! Where will it end? The saga continues…..

Apparently, I’m alright because I’ve been here for a while, just like Mrs Farage (a German immigrant). It was also ok for Mr Farage’s French ancestors to seek refuge from persecution here. Basically it’s the new lot; you know the Bulgarians and Romanians, who UKIP don’t want now. We’ve heard how this story ends. That’s why people like me, who are quite universal, are not going to be quiet. We are going to speak for the Bulgarians and the Romanians because we can and we should.

If UKIP really want to be taken seriously when they claim that they are not a party full of prejudice and ignorance, they should not select a candidate who recently told The Guardian that too many Muslims had been let into the country When they get here, suddenly – you don’t have to be born in this country –you can come here, live here for a while and stand as MPs and that sort of thing. We are giving ’em power which they shouldn’t have.” Am I one of those Muslims who have been given power I shouldn’t have? If not, who are they are talking about?

It’s shocking how closely UKIP members are aligned to the BNP and other far right groups – Even the BNP’s own website states that Mr Caven Vines candidacy is sending out the coded message ‘Don’t worry folks, UKIP secretly agrees with the BNP.’

In Lincolnshire, the 16 UKIP councillors would not reaffirm an equality pledge, supported by all other councillors, which recognised the diversity of communities in Lincolnshire and gave a commitment to serve all people equally. If this was not bad enough, the UKIP Leader went onto to say that UKIP refused to sign the document as it “pushes forward the chance of multiculturalism, one of the fundamental things that’s wrong with our society.” These are the very views that make me feel disgusted with this party and its closet racist stance.

As a Rotherham lass, please be warned. Don’t get too comfortable. Remember the BNP were also a passing fad.


27 thoughts on “Ruffling UKIP’s Feathers

  1. I am getting a little bored of all the slating of UKIP, when the Labour incumbent grunters in the council are still head deep in the trough. UKIP at a local level cannot really effect much with regards to these posts about immigration and the like. I know a lot of money gets spent in Rotherham on translations and other related things. At the same time the streets are becoming filthy, weeds are growing out the roads we cannot bring in new businesses or be successful when the place is looking rather like a shit hole!…

    Times are changing and we need to look at sorting out our country before we start looking oversea’s. All the tosh about trade and monies lost from the EU is nonsense, if people want to buy something there is no amount of politics going to change that.


    • You’ve covered most of what I was going to say.

      I’d just like to add, the only feathers I’ve seen ruffled are those of the LibLabCon, all of which are losing votes to UKIP.

      The people have had enough, the only reason the public don’t mention immigration more, is they’re scared of being branded a racist and being brought up on a charge of hate crime.

      But they’ve had enough of mass unfettered immigration and in private away from the fascist ear of councils, judiciary, police and other politically correct shackled organisations, they will tell you that they’ve had enough and more importantly, they will vote for UKIP, the old adage of vote for Blue otherwise you will let Red in, doesn’t scare them anymore because they’re both the same.

      And to the OP of the article, you lost the argument as soon as you started comparing UKIP to the BNP, cheap shot and typical smear tactics of the Left. The is a phrase, ‘play the ball, not the man’ – you would do well to think about that.


  2. Well said Anonymous. I am not a UKip supporter either and agree with Taiba about the issue of where ‘indigenousness’ ( not sure that’s a word but if it’s not I just added it to our vocab) begins or ends.
    The election of Caven Vines to Rawmarsh can be dissected till we are blue in the face (no political colour connotations there) but we need the Labour ‘stalwarts’ out of Rotherham Borough Council as soon as possible, without letting the far right in.


  3. Hi Taiba

    This is Dedication, because the average time-lag between my asking Mr Computer to do anything, eg., move a space after a comma, and it actually happening is, about ten minutes. I have not got many such units of time left.

    Did your ‘Box Office Manager’ give you my message? He was amiable, responsive and informative, but I had a niggling feeling that for whatever reason, my plea for an e-mail address for you, would go unanswered, – and so, alas, it has proved to be. Apologies if even as I write, you are composing the requested response to me.

    Not sure that I would like my name to appear on any Comment I wish to make, and I certainly do wish to comment on the piece below, and / or your contribution immediately after the Rawmarsh result was declared.

    I leave the matter in your very capable hands, and if I do not hear from you, my parting shot is:



    Tel: 020-8546 1390



  4. A very eminent committee from the House of Lords that looked into the economics of immgration stated the benefits were negligble and the adverse effects on the low paid considerable: The people from Bulgaria and Rumania are coming from a country where the rate of pay is 78p & 73p,respectively, per hour to a country that will have a minimum wage of £6.36 per hour. Can’t blame them for wanting to come here, but we are entitled to say no and that is why taking back control of our borders is the first thing that should be on Cammeron’s repatriating of powers agenda!
    Taiba you seem obdurate to the undeniable fact that the indiginous people of this country have simply had enough of Immigration. We may still need “some highly skilled immigrants,” but kebab sellers, taxi drivers and corner shop keepers and the general unskilled who cannot speak English, we certainly do not need!


  5. I think we can assume that Taiba who has posted here is Taiba Yasseen, who was /is Chief Executive at Rotherham Ethnic Minority Alliance (REMA)
    (The identical posts are on her Facbook page – that’s where my assumption comes from)

    REMA is the infrastructure support organisation for the Black and Minority Ethnic Voluntary and Community Sector of Rotherham.
    Their Mission :
    “… to support the development of voluntary and community action that is effective, sustainable and brings about positive social change for the BME Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector (VCFS) and communities”

    Could it be possible that Taiba is slightly biased in her views ?
    Taiba is currently involved in Open Minds Theatre Company and their production of
    “Fault Lines : The second generation ”

    which is /was showing as follows

    21st May 7pm Old Market Gallery, Corporation Street, Rotherham S60 1AN
    23rd May 7pm Carlisle Business Centre, Manningham, Bradford BD8 8DB
    28th May 7pm Hudawi Centre, Huddersfield, HD1 6BG
    30th May 7pm Arooj Shadi Hall, Attercliffe, Sheffield S4 7WZ

    Tickets are £8 and £6 concessions and are bookable through 07541475159 or by e-mail to

    # just saying


  6. I don’t know how old your are Taiba but you really are a racist little madam. You think you can just slag off other people at will because you are from a minority community but when they retaliate, you play the race card. UKIP is not racist as you would have everyone believe, they just believe in non-interference from Europe. You are probably far too young to know anything about how the likes of my father and his generation gave their lives for the sovereignty of this country and to stop the march of Nazi-ism across Europe. I too had quite a deprived childhood without a father in my formative years because of WW2. Get off your high horse and start believing in democracy which is something you would never experience in your home-country.


  7. It’s interesting because whilst I agree with some of Taiba’s criticism of UKIP, a party that I dislike and I’m perfectly entitled to do so, I accept that immigration is a very serious and pertinent issue. If immigration was allowed to continue on a Labour party scale, we would actually implode! Our resources (physical/financial) would just completely collapse, there’s no doubt about that.

    However, despite the unprecedented resentment towards the Conservative Party at the moment, the fact of the matter is that we ARE dealing with this issue, and given time we’ll continue to do so. In addition to that, we’ll also fight for Britain’s interests both at home and abroad. As far as UKIP’s Rawmarsh victory is concerned, I’d obviously be much happier if Martyn would have won, but I am in favour of purging this Labour run council and their murky dealings, so if that means unseating them one by one, so be it.


  8. The more dirt thrown at UKIP the more people vote for them. 2% behind the Conservatives. The more insults the Labour party throw at UKIP, the more their supporters will vote for UKIP.


    • Using the death of an innocent man and a member of our armed forces for political gloating? You ought to hang your head in shame. Abominable!


      • Just like to echo your sentiments with regard to that last comment! I thought their own words would damn them far more effectively than I could, which was why I posted it.


      • I agree RothPol. Just amazes me that there are people like ‘Right Wing SH’ who actually think of such trivialities when someone has lost their life.


  9. Malcontent – No, I am not on commission, but thanks for bringing the idea to my attention. I am good at PR so may suggest that I take on the role of “agent” on the next Open Minds Theatre run. 🙂

    A regular reader – I offer my humble apologies for not reading every detail of every post that you make on here or elsewhere. The point that I was making was not about the theatre performances but about REMA and it’s “mission” statement and the fact that it calls itself a “political party” of which Taiba was the CEO.
    Taiba has told me this afternoon that she left REMA in 2012 and works ” as a National Ambassador for Disability Issues” and does “lots other consultancy work. Currently, touring with Steve. ”
    Did anyone get to see the theatre performance last night, btw ?

    In answer to your questions ” isn’t everyone’s world view influenced by their experiences? Mine certainly is. Isn’t yours?” – yes, I would agree views are influenced by experiences but that is not quite the same as bias… is it ?


  10. Three simple questions for Taiba, each one requires just a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. If you elaborate your answers your bias will be self evident.
    1) Do you believe Britain should scrap all immigration controls?
    2) Do you think UKIP should be closely monitored or banned?
    3) Do you believe in democracy?

    Remember; ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ only. It is’nt difficult.


  11. Taiba certainly gets around She is involved with the Rotherham Culture Company, is an Ambassador for Disability Issues,and who knows what else? Oh and co-writes plays and makes documetaries for Channel 4 called ‘Making Bradford British’ She is described as a diversity expert.
    or as the Socialist Worker has it
    Two insufferably smug middle class “experts”, Laurie Trott and Taiba Yasseen, are wheeled on to hammer this message home.
    It’s on YouTube if you really want to view it.

    But perhaps all this is due to her Common Purpose connexions rather than any latent talent, after all she is in good company in Rotherham, Thacker the child snatcher, and the rather bland MP Champion to name but two, perhaps you can think of others.


  12. She sounds to me like our dear Lord Chip Shop (Ahmed) of Rotherham who pockets loads of our hard earned on the pretext of creating racial harmony or some such thing. It is my belief that these people do nothing but create division between cultures, not harmony. I think this lady should keep her mouth firmly closed for the moment because of current incidents which you do not appear to want to mention, and I don’t just mean what happened in London!


  13. As father of a serving Britsh Soldier my hart and thoughts go out to the Family of this young Soldier.
    Its bad enough waiting for the knock on the door when they are in Afganistan with out this.on the door step of their base in their own country.
    their is more to say on this but this is not the time. lets all respect this Soldiers Family’s grief at this sad time


  14. On A further note British soldiers in the RHA and their wife’s all changed their face book pictures to show them all in their Uniforms as a mark of respect and solidarity to their fellow soldier who died yesterday That shows the bond these lads and lasses have to each other and to show they will not be intimdated
    Well done


  15. Taiba Yasseen. Born 1975. Never had a proper job where she was supervised.
    Her TV programme ‘Make Bradford British’ includes the scene where a young Asian female goes into a pub in her traditional dress. Really?? I worked in Bradford for 7 months and never ever saw a young Asian woman go into a pub. It is fantasy land and just the sort of rubbish I would expect from an embittered woman who because nobody takes her seriously invents a ’cause’, then a company or organisation to tackle ‘the issues’ and promotes herself in the field of ‘Diversity’ as an expert.
    Complete and utter tosh.
    Like her posts on ‘Rothpol’.


  16. As a friend of Taiba’s and some one who has worked with her for the last ten years, I really do not recognise the person vilified on this for expressing a legitimate opinion. ‘Racist little madam’, “embittered woman who nobody takes seriously”. Tell that to the sold out audiences in Rotherham and Bradford so far for Faultlines. Tell that to the many community groups for whom she worked tirelessly and at great personal cost for many years.
    She has no connection with Common Purpose; she was approached and turned them down. Self generated elitism isn’t really her thing.
    Nor is she young or naive. 20 years of working in the Vol/com sector in a very down to earth way dealing with ordinary people has given her an insight and understanding which is not always evident in some of those who have had a ‘proper job with supervision’ – what on earth that means I do not know. She cares passionately about her town and her country and yes, I do mean Rotherham and this country.
    Of course you can build a society based on fear and scapegoating – historically all too common – or one based on compassion and inclusion. Yes, Taiba is very much for the latter. Not surprising really.


  17. I’ll be looking for a pair of wings next time I see a picture of this lady. It’s a pity she doesn’t show some tolerance towards people with a slightly differing view to her own!


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