You’ll get a bloody nose if you take us for granted

You’ll get a bloody nose if you take us for granted

At a time when national politics is focusing on our possible broken relationship with Europe I feel Dinnington and Anston politics should be looking towards our broken relationship with Rotherham Borough Council.

It feels to me RMBC are essentially pulling out of Dinnington and Anston.

They are closing the service centre, we have no public swimming or leisure centre and the state of our roads gets worse every year. Dinnington is supposed to be a town but has a very rural bus service.

Our borough councillors are not helping matters. They should be off fighting our cause in Rotherham, instead they are basically told what will happen to Dinnington and sent back to tell us all the bad news and trot out the Labour Party line.

All these consultations RMBC launch in Dinnington and Anston invariably end the same way with RMBC doing what they were going to anyway.

We are a principal township when it comes to building new houses on our countryside.

When it comes to library hours, service centres and leisure facilities it’s all forgotten.

The only way to break this cycle of events is for us to change the way we vote, that’s the only language the comrades in Rotherham will understand.

I would call on anyone who would like to stand as an independent candidate in next year’s elections and put the people first to do just that. Many people in Dinnington and Anston would support them.

And it would send the right message to Rotherham, don’t take us for granted or you will end up with another bloody nose.

Lewis Sadler

Please note the Star attributed this incorrectly to Darren Hughes! He must have been on the editors mind?

The Star have published a correction and an apology for the incorrect attribution in Wednesday’s print edition. Must have upset our Daz that, especially given he is currently in the running in Labour’s selection for next years candidates for the European Parliamentary Elections.

Little hope there then, as this guy is the most unconvincing Labour man I have ever come across! He might also do well to ponder upon this, ‘money can’t buy you love’ the Beatles.

10 thoughts on “You’ll get a bloody nose if you take us for granted

  1. Councillor Gerald “Bigscreen” Smith doesn’t think there’s a broken relationship between the council and the voters of Hoderness. With three Labour Councillors being returned in this ward he can’t see any problems – yet!


    • … and yet I’ve never heard anyone express a good word for him, not even other members of Aston Parish Council.


  2. Well said Lewis.
    The arrogance of the rulling Labour clique in Rotherham knows no bounds. The election of Caven Vines in Rawmarsh shows voters will not be taken for granted, something that came as a shock to the comrades.
    Why should Dinnington and Anston be used to house Rotherham’s overspill? Why are our roads in such a poor state of repair? (RMBC have been given £30+ million during the last 10 years for roads maintenance)
    Despite RMBC’s attempts at spin they’ve forgotten voters are not stupid.
    Bloody nose indeed.


  3. At the last election voters ejected Darren Hughes, after he changed from a Conservative to a Labour ward councillor without an election. Clive Jepson won that race as an Independent and serves his community well, standing up against building on the Green belt full stop and lives here. At the next election in 2014 Jo Burton’s ward councillor position is up for grabs and I am certain that the Labour seat will be replaced by an Independent of some kind or UKIP.


  4. Well done Lewis.
    The reason we have such poor roads and services here in Anston is the sheer lack of interest of the Labour Party RMBC Councillors. Anston have had this Party in control since the Dinosaurs, and what have we got, one of the poorest areas in the Country, so what have our RMBC reps been doing for us over all these years. Its interesting to note that now we have an Independent representing us (Cllr Clive Jepson) we can now ask a question and get a answer without no Labour spin, how refreshing. Its also interesting to note that our two other RMBC Cllrs (Burton and Dalton) have had to pick up their workload and actually do something for a change, But they still struggle to get anyone to believe what they say.
    With regard to “broken relationship” with Rotherham, I attended a meeting of Parish Councillors in the south of the Borough a few weeks ago, and I can tell you there were some very vocal voices against the lack of Communication between Parish Councils and RMBC. Nearly all those voices were long standing Labour Party Members. But it gets better, an email was sent to Cllr Marhoof Hussain ?, to request a meeting regarding the lack of communication, guess what? they were still waiting for a reply nearly a month later, which rather proves the point.
    Hear is another example of the Labour Party shafting us, I would love to go to the next meeting of the Parishes, but Cllr Beck and Cllr Stonebridge (in collusion with others) have stopped me from attending all Committees, Subcommittees, advisory/working groups and banned me from representing the people of Anston on any outside body. What was my crime, I dared to stand up against them. DAS STASI in action, watch this space.
    If you are a sick and tired of how our Labour Cllrs are acting (or not as the case may be) you can always vote Cllr Burton out of her seat next May (next time you see her ask her what she has done for the £50,000 plus we have paid her over the four years). With two independent Cllrs in Anston we could be on the edge of a better life for all,

    S Thornton


  5. Crikey RMBC pulled out of Kiveton & Wales the day we amalgamated with em. They took our land and our cash to sell and spend in any area but ours. The only good thing for us is we have nothing to close because we’ve never had anything in the first place! Anywhere south of the A57 doesn’t exist in Rotherham’s eyes.
    Kiveton is a graveyard with a road through it – and only 1 road at that. RMBC now want to build another 282 houses to fill up the graveyard, No infrastructure – one road in and the same one out – held to ransome by the Co-op no other shops to speak of, school’s with not enough places. They will undoubtedly get another bloody nose in Wales if someone opposes them but unless it happens all over the Borough nothing will be achieved.
    The Council is run on the ‘cabinet’ model and is effectively run by just 6 Councillor’s appointed by Roger Stone, all of whom ‘do as he says’ to keep their big fat salaries and look after ‘their’ area’s.
    It’s a disgrace and I for one the whole house of cards collapses on them!


    • Ann I would like to go back to the old rural district and think it is the only way forward for Anston, Dinnington and Kiveton. We got far better looked after and in relative terms it was cheaper. Rmbc arrived at the same time as the EU SSR in 1975.


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