Caven Vines – contact details now available

Caven Vines Councillor Rawmarsh Ward, party UKIP:

Married with three adult children and two grand daughters

I have lived in Rotherham all my life.  I started school at Ferham Road Infant & Junior School then went on to South Grove Secondary School.

I began my working life in the Sheffield steel industry where I trained as a mechanical engineer and obtained a MA. in Mechanical Engineering.

Later I specialised in water treatment and worked in many countries around the world, mainly in 3rd world countries, providing safe drinking water.

I am particularly supportive of our armed forces and have a son currently serving in the British Army.

“I know the local issues facing us all at this time and have gone through the trauma that losing one’s job brings. I am a local man and feel passionate about local issues that affect us all.

“I was an Independent councillor for two years, representing Rotherham West Ward and in that time I championed tackling anti-social behaviour in the ward with much success.

“I also helped many local groups with their fundraising, including being at Starting of the Meadows Community Group, and played a leading part in supporting the West Central Partnership, I helped to secure over £1m funding for Bradgate Park.

“I am a very outspoken individual, who is well known for voicing the opinions and representing the issues and concerns of local people, and believes in Simple Common Sense Policy’s”

Panel Member of Improving Places Select Commission and Self Regulation Select Commission.

Contact Details:

30 Whitley View Road, Kimberworth, Rotherham. S61 2HL

Tel: 01709 550470

Mobile 07802 498957

8 thoughts on “Caven Vines – contact details now available

  1. Fully endorse what you have said about your time as an Independent councillor for Rotherham West. I was most impressed by your dedication to clearing up the Henley area that was being plagued by anti-social behaviour at that time. I know you have berated people for not using thier real names on this site intimating it is cowardice. Well I have strong views on many topics and I am too am outspoken and I would be willing to meet any one to discuss my views face to face. But I use a non de plume not out of cowardice, but prudence. I have found that there are some very twisted individuals out there (a family member of the deputy leader of the council tried to intimidate me -without success ) and who if they knew who you were and had major diffences of opinion with, would not hesitate to damage you property and I have no wish to have my car torched that’s why I use a non de plume!


  2. Can we ask caven vines.
    Politically have you discussed about the immigration issues with the local people in Rawmarsh what are you going to do for the people of Rawmarsh with the immigration as you alone can’t do nothing but you say you will stop immigration let’s ask when will you stop immigration it looks to me you lied to re people of Rawmarsh by making false promises to them about immigration and multicultarism as you will not be able to do nothing at all.


  3. I am sure the electorate in Rawmarsh do not for one minute think that Caven Vines has lied to them. They are intelligent enough to know the difference between local and national politics and the differing powers of each. They are just fed up of the way Labour has treated them and have used the ballot box to tell them so. Anyone who can shake some sense ( or fear) into Dodgy Stone and his 6 man crew deserves a chance to do so.


  4. Annoynmous
    Here we go again some arm chair critic who cant be bothered to get the facts and just assume
    I pointed out to the people in Rawmarsh what UKIP’s stance on the issue of immigration was.
    And people with any sort of common sense Know as one person what your limmitations are and yes I did explain on the door step to the People of Rawmarsh I met what my stance was and what I would bring to the people of Rawmarsh who I might add have more common sense and under standing of the facts than you could ever have. Thats why they elected me
    And Im sure if you was one of residents of Rawmarsh you would know the answer to your own question.


    • Alright caven
      You said about immigration what do you want to see for the immigration as a person what will you do about the vast immigration in Rawmarsh.
      To me your a bullshitter who doesn’t even know what immigration is.
      If you said about immigration I don’t say you doing anything for the people of Rawmarsh other then cause hatred interms of immigration.
      What I see is you doing is neglecting the people of rawmarsh and your leadership will mean you will not crack down on immigration as you mentioned to the people in rawmarsh it is all utter rubbish.


  5. Malcontent
    I did not mean to indicate you was a coward for not using your real identity and I fully understand why because as you know I have confronted the very same people and know what they are methods are It is they who are the cowards.
    It just realy annoys me when some people just have a go and get personal and condem without having the Gutts to get up and have a go them selves then hide behind a mask


  6. People should think before they vote however saying that it is evident that this was a protest vote and nothing more. What about all those from Eastern Europe, will get a voice for better services in Rawmarsh from their new councillor?


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