PCC’s in the news again – still being less than transparent

Home Affairs Committee report:

Yorkshire Post:

Northern Echo

and of course:

All links provided by ‘a regular reader’, to whom we are grateful.

This fresh in from the BBC:

Police commissioners register needed to ‘guard against mavericks’, say MPs

Ministers are failing to properly monitor the salaries and professional standards of Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs), MPs have warned.

The Home Affairs committee has published its own register of PCCs, claiming “no-one in government is keeping track” of them.

But chairman Keith Vaz said an official register was needed to guard against “maverick decision making”.

The Home Office said it was up to voters to hold PCCs to account. Read on……

4 thoughts on “PCC’s in the news again – still being less than transparent

  1. On this mornings BBC news it was said that some PCCs were employing mates as second in commands at an inflated salary. Does this sound familiar?
    Dave Smith


    • Dave,

      It’s worth reading the full Home Affairs Committee report – it’s an easy read, and full of little gems.

      “the position of Deputy is not a politically restricted post. Some PCCs have
      consequently recruited political or personal contacts:
      • In Greater Manchester the PCC has appointed his former constituency worker, Clare
      Regan, as his Policy Adviser without advertising the role.
      • In Northamptonshire the PCC appointed three interim Assistant Commissioners on
      £65,000 each, two of whom were in his campaign team. The roles have been made
      permanent after an open recruitment process.
      • The Labour PCC for West Midlands Police, has appointed three Assistant
      Commissioners on £22,500 each. All are Labour councillors.
      • The PCC for Kent has appointed her Liberal Democrat campaign manager with no
      apparent policing experience as an adviser with a salary of over £70,000.
      • The PCC for Surrey has appointed a former colleague in the Metropolitan Police as his
      deputy, with a salary of £50,000.
      • The PCC for West Yorkshire has appointed Isabel Owen as Deputy PCC with a wage of
      £53,000 a year. She is a former Labour parliamentary candidate with no policing
      experience. The role was only advertised to Labour Party colleagues.”

      … and I really liked this one:
      “25. The Labour Party supported Labour candidates and funded their £5,000 deposits. The Conservative Party did not provide funding for Conservative candidates, although some were funded by local Conservative associations. Labour and Conservative candidates stood in all 41 elections. The Liberal Democrat did not provide funding for candidates and 24 candidates stood as Liberal Democrats. 54 candidates stated that they stood independently of any political party.”

      But what ultimately comes over, is that the whole Tory-conceived PPC system is an embarrassing disaster.


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