Local Plan – Consultation Begins

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council has started the next stage of the process to create the Local Plan.

This is very important for many of our citizens throughout the borough, please study carefully.

Local Plan Consultation Portal

12 thoughts on “Local Plan – Consultation Begins

  1. Am I being totally thick? Section 1 says Target Number of New Homes (2013-2028) in RMBC is 5,450 (including 1,700 at Bassingthorpe Farm) but when you add up the target numbers from the various sections of the report they total 9,900. Please enlighten me somebody?


    • The Kiveton and Wales plan says 340 but the ones declared at the Council meeting were 282. Well spotted Rev they are obviously slipping a few more in to up the numbers hoping everyone won’t notice.
      I was told ‘at least they will be social housing for the area’ This is totally untrue because Housing Associations have their own waiting lists and the people on them tend not to be people local to the area.
      The lettings policy of RMBC is in tatters and in no way supports local village people being allocated properties.
      It seems just because we have a railway station we can absorb more houses of any kind.They must be off their rockers, we have no infrastructure to accommodate any more adults let alone kids.
      We already have a recent huge development with a transient population because of the extortionate rents with many properties empty for months.
      RMBC treat ALL the outlying villages with contempt unless they have heavyweight Councillors who protect them. Kiveton and Wales have never had that luxury!


      • Thanks Anne serious scrutiny required

        This will come out as an anonymous comment as I am on my iPad and have not got my log in details with me but it is Simon here


  2. I would say to the people of Dinnington that it is now even more important that they get behind the group are trying to save the miners welfare because the double dealing Rotherham Borough council have changed the plans. In 2011 the welfare was classed as recreational land that has now been changed to development land, so unless we make our voices loudly heard it will get built on and another Dinnington asset will be allowed to disappear.

    Dave Smith


  3. Consultaion just tiking box’s like all RMBC So called consultation
    I have asked for a large scale map of the area I represent after a bit of stuttering on the other end of the phone I heard them say its that new councillor he wants a large detailed map can he have them I was told I could see it on line
    My answer Ill pick them up tomorow Thank you
    My advise is go look at them then take your councillor to task about why we need so many houses and how many will be social affordable homes and dont rest till you get answers in writing


  4. We might need less housing when you stop mass immigration. When will this happen? Oh yes, I see. Never and Never and Never! The sooner you are defeated the better for Rotherham.


  5. Looks like I hit a raw nerve their then
    And you wish
    you are quite right never never never whilst we have the lib/lab/con in power pandering to Europe and giving away all our rights but good old rotherham labour will carry on doing as its told following the party line and just keep on ignoring the people.


  6. Just got the enlarged map of the LDP the one you can actually read and guess what two of the site’s identified are in the process of being built on Why do we need consultation ????


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