Akhtar – a little insight into his true character


I’m so pleased that RMBC has such a dedicated Deputy Leader and Cllr in Mr Akhtar.

AbusiveTweetOver the bank holiday weekend he found the time to abuse Mohammed Shafiq, Leader of the Ramadan Foundation.

It seems strange that he should do this bearing in mind RMBC needs a strong and determined direction in these times of turbulence and uncertainty.

I expect nothing will happen about this – but just lets ask ourselves, if he feels comfortable doing this, then what else is out there we don’t know about?

I can’t believe the Labour Party accepts use of such disgusting language and verbal abuse.


Paddy J Cawkwell

Image supplied by Paddy, converted by ‘a regular reader’, many thanks to both.

Akhtar’s latest tweets all in one file, courtesy ‘a regular reader’, thanks once again. A large file, but essential reading for any serious student of Jahangir ‘asbo’ Akhtar! Nor should they miss, The Uncomfortable Truth About Jahangir Akhtar! This ever popular post that is about to clock up 2000 hits! The full story this post hints at, will make it onto these pages soon. Got some more information? Please let Rothpol know about it!

3 thoughts on “Akhtar – a little insight into his true character

  1. People vote Labour what do they expect ? The Labour party is full of thugs I ran in to them last year in Thorpe Hesley tell you what next time they won’t get so mouthy they hate been confronted with the truth IE the Labour 25 leaflet 😉


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