Fiddling While Rome Burns? A Response From Gillian Radcliffe

Too good to miss, originally left as a comment:

“I welcome the advice on the RMBC website as a tiny, tiny step in the right direction. But what a disgrace that it took so long, was issued so grudgingly (only when the Home Affairs Select Committee briefly turned its attention to Rotherham child grooming) and isn’t part of much more proactive effort to intervene.

Do councillors and so-called child protection professionals really think that abused girls are going to log on to the council website to seek help, specially in the context of years of being ignored and failed by the authorities? Do they think this small effort is going to be enough to silence those of us who want the abuse to stop right now and the wrongs of the past to be accounted for?

A much more dynamic campaign of outreach to these girls is needed. It’s time we all heard what is really going to change at the council and within the South Yorkshire police service to ensure their appalling record of child protection is turned on its head; time to give the victims a reason to put their trust in you; time to let the abusers know the tide has turned and they are going to be stopped and brought to justice. Perhaps the reason that information isn’t being conveyed is because it isn’t actually the case. There is still very little evidence of any real action against these perpetrators or of there being any genuine will to achieve justice.

No-one has paid a price for these failings, other than the victims. We can be certain their suffering has not stopped and that new young victims are preyed upon as the older girls grow up and lose their appeal. Meanwhile, the ruling Labour elite of Rotherham continues in power, Shaun Wright has job a shiny new job with “scrutiny” only from his equally culpable pals and Joyce Thacker continues to act out her Common Purpose programming. It is a disgusting response from so-called public servants who, in reality, are intent only on serving themselves.

This particular form of child abuse has arisen in many parts of the country and the actions of child protection agencies has been generally very poor. However, there is at least some sign of improvement in many areas. Rotherham, however, offers no such hope for its poor children.”

Gillian Radcliffe

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7 thoughts on “Fiddling While Rome Burns? A Response From Gillian Radcliffe

  1. Rothpol is very grateful to Gillian for this excellent contribution, in the saga of the failure to ‘get a grip’ in South Yorkshire of this countrywide problem.
    Even the Council’s pages are mostly simple lifts from previously available information. Plagiarism and laziness indeed!
    Ms Thacker may disagree, but the overwhelming majority of Rotherham’s citizens believe that arrests and prosecutions are the only acceptable demonstration that this issue is being properly addressed.


  2. Well said Gillian
    RMBC and south yorkshire police know more than they dare say like with everything they when it starts to get tough they fill their pockets and run or like a rabit disapear down there hole and hope it will all go away
    They all tried it when their stable mate garvin reed got caught
    Once again I ask the cheif constable to start by investigating who knew what and when
    and for Martin Kimber and Ms Thacker to release the documents asked for by the select affairs committee
    If they have now’t to hide then just do it


    • Cavan, I’ve made complaints to Kimber re serious malpractice at RMBC and the Young Peoples Services. His Human Resources Henchmen / women where simply guards placed and told to smile and then send me away.(By the way I haven’t gone away lol).

      I know how you feel when dealing with Kimber and Thacker. They have a huge ‘Stasiesque’ machine in place designed to cover up everything; as well as the support of Stone, Lakin and the rest.

      No matter how much evidence you present they simply drag it out then hope you go away. And in some cases they just stop replying.

      You can give Kimber and RMBC as much evidence as you like – – you can ask all the right questions and even get agreements re answers required and what to investigate – but in the end they will always fall back on avoidance, semantics and and a policy of ‘can’t asnwer this find a way to ignore it.’

      As for Joyce – how long does it take to get through to Stone and his crew – she’s a liability and danger to children and families? I just can’t understand why he is protecting her so much. But maybe I do. However, as the say “It’s the cover up that finally brings them down.”

      Despite our occasional diffrences on some policies (we all have them – but at least our debates are adult and friendly) keep up the fight; I know I will..

      From time to time there are issues that unite us all – and RMBC’s secrecy and disgraceful attitude to its citizens is one. A major one.

      SKT xxxx


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  4. If the children and young people aren’t registered sadly as far as the Young Peopels Services (YPS) and Social Services are concerned they don’t exist. I will keep on saying it – the rooot lies within YPS at RMBC not registerring young people on the NEETS (Not in Education Employment or Training) register for statistcal,political and departmental reasons. You can have a totally comprehensive support network but if the YPS at RMBC carry on fiddling the figures and interventions then it will all happen again. Thacker as a lot to answer for.

    By the way what’s the news on her role in the soon to appear Bradford Scandal.

    Hugs and kisses SKT xxxx


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