PCC home security bill – Not £6,500 but an eyewatering £14,783.32!!

Thanks to one enterprising soul, we now know exactly how much the security improvements to Shaun and Lisa Wright’s house in Rawmarsh cost us, the simply outrageous sum of £14,783.32!!!

We publish the answer obtained by a Freedom of Information request:

pcc security 1171

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Furore – PCC £6,500 home security bill

The Yorkshire Post carried this story in today’s edition: Police tsar criticised as public foots £6,500 home security bill By Martin Slack Published on Tuesday 5 February 2013 ONE of Yorkshire’s recently-elected Police and Crime Commissioners was under fire last … Continue reading

From the Advertiser:

Almost £15,000 to keep Police Commissioner’s family safe

SECURITY at the home of Police Commissioner Shaun Wright has cost the public almost £15,000 – rather than the initial sum of £6,500 which was reported.

The rising bill for measures to protect his family — including fencing and CCTV — has more than doubled since February.

Critics say the £85,000 salary should be enough to cover added security and the role is no riskier than being a PC or magistrate Continue reading

25 thoughts on “PCC home security bill – Not £6,500 but an eyewatering £14,783.32!!

  1. Oh dear it seems that this FOI is just like going through someone’s bin to see what the had for dinner. In his role of course he needs more security and those costs might appear a lot but I guess they could have been much higher. Again Rotherham Politics just looking at one side of the coin as usual


    • I’ve never heard such unadulterated crap in all my life Graham. Why should that political thief Write need any more security than the average member of the public? He is no more at risk than every police officer in the Country and at £84,000 a year, surely this self -serving piece of political garbage should have to pay for any security himself. This man is unbelievable!


    • Muppets who can’t read, write or spell. How can we expect them to understand basic maths never mind the contents of the letter!


  2. The point, Graham, is not just a pop at Sean Wright but at the increasing costs of this farcical and unnecessary post. What do we pay Chief Constables for? I am interested to know how the costs “will be recovered” after SW has finished his term!!? Will the fencing be torn down and flogged for scrap or something? CCTV cameras put on e-bay? or maybe set them up outside Rik VHs house and save a few bob that way? No way will the whole value be recovered, leaving aside the cost of recovering it anyway.
    Of course, by then we may have a new PCC who will want security in his/her turn, so the costs will keep on mounting. This last sentence is obviously a sop to put off people who are rightly outraged by this waste of OUR money. Frankly it’s a load of disingenuous (not to say barely literate) c**p. I had to read it three times to understand it but I suppose we must be thankful we got the info at all….


    • Do you not realise that this post has replaced a lot more expensive option in Police Authorities and there’s a lot more accountability with one person, who is elected by the people making the decisions, as opposed to 10-15 hand picked picked people who become puppets to the police and don’t make any decisions, with the publics interests in mind. How do some of you people survive in life. Wake up, stop moaning and groaning and if you think you could do a better job, run for the position when it’s up for election next time round!


      • …elected by about 1/8th of people because we were not given any info about candidates.
        Besides most of us were quite happy assuming that Complaints Commission, NAO, Home Office, media scrutiny etc etc etc would continue to do the accountability job. The obvious answer would be to make Chief Constables more accountable and scrap all these non-decision makers posts, not bring in an extra layer that threatens to politicise the police – a very dangerous road. To give one possible scenario: a PCC sits on any attempt to investigate sex-grooming in case this throws light on his own (and his political colleagues’)past inactions or the scale of the problem? We shall see…
        And why, in any case, would I want to stand for a post that I don’t even believe should exist? The social contract implied in paying taxes is that we pay for others to do jobs we haven’t got time to do, because we are getting on with our lives – as long as there is proper accountability. I survive by having the self respect to hold those accountable, whom I am paying for via my own taxation.
        In the case of PCCs those who set up this system have got it wrong in the first place. Spending my money unnecessarily and then fobbing me off by saying it will be recoverable, when it palpably won’t be, is disingenuous, wrong-headed and dishonest. So my response shows I am indeed awake and I feel well within my rights to “moan and groan” thanks very much…


      • Dear sheffred, at least when you have a committee of 10-15 people there is some semblance of democracy. The fact is, we now have no democracy whatsoever, we have a lying, cheating left wing dictator who costs us far more than the original Police Authority. Don’t forget, this man is an expert at misleading the taxpaying public with his cover-up of the disgusting crimes in the past. Can he be trusted? I think not.


      • Mr Copley

        Even if Mr Wright was elected by an eighth of the electorate, that was a hundred per cent mandate of those who could be bothered to vote. The bodies you outline as happy to monitor the Police are not exactly covered in glory themselves, particularly the NAO. They are also not directly accountable to the public, not even one eighth.

        The introduction of more democracy seems to be a blind spot for lots of people, including you. The problem is not with the post, it is the fact that the wrong man ( in this case) got the job. I am convinced that if almost any of the other candidates had got the post there would have been a lot more heat under the police and the social services collars concerning almost every aspect of the maintenance of the Queen’s peace and the upholding of the law. Your argument implies it would be better to return to feudal rule as parliamentary democracy has a few bad eggs.


  3. Do i need protecting now I have been elected in Rawmarsh I didn’t know it was such a unsafe place
    I think one of my first jobs will be to go and talk to his neighbour’s and make sure they lock their doors LOL
    This man is a joke and making South Yorkshire police a Laughing stock
    Has he ordered his bullet proof car yet may be we should get the SAS to ride shot gun
    So now we know why he keeps his head down and needs an assistant because he is too buisy dodging the assasins
    But he was quite happy to parade his wife around the streets of unsafe Rawmarsh looking for Votes
    You realy could not make it up or am i reading a fiction story


    • Grow up and remember your position in the community. If you do half the job of what SW did in Rawmarsh, I’d be very surprised. Why don’t you go and speak with his neighbours, in fact, why don’t you go and speak with the man himself and see why this security was recommended by the SYP risk assessment, that was carried out? How stupid would he have looked if he had gone against the risk assessment recommendations and something serious had happened to any member of his family? Are you saying that you would go against something that is recommended to you, that would put your family at risk??


  4. I think you should start to take up residence on this planet sheffred instead of living in cloud cuckoo land. The only reason this piece of political filth succeeded in becoming PCC is that there were unlimited funds available to him through the Labour Party which no doubt people like you pay for.


    • 1 – I have no affiliation with any political party, never have and never will, when i vote i spoil my paper.
      2 – Did the Tories not run in the same election and have the same if not more funds available.
      3 – And there is no room in cloud cuckoo land, cause its full of right wing fascists and idiots who play at being councillors


  5. Yes I do know my place and responsibilities in the Community and one of them is to see that there hard earned money is not wasted in my opinion and many more this is.
    And yes, I would protect my family if they was in any danger, and at £85.000 a year I could and he could afford to pay the cost himself, approx £3500 out of his £85,000 I don’t think he would miss this do you?
    He didn’t need protecting when he was on the Police Authority so what’s the difference now? None at all!
    So why try and deceive the Tax payer by saying it only cost £6500, if not trying to cover the true cost up!


  6. Same Guy who two years ago said “I know how important Boston Castle is to the people of Rotherham” after approving £650k of Ratepayer’s money to renovate it (+ a further £20k per year for upkeep) I bet a high percentage of “the people of Rotherham” don’t even know where this Vandal Magnet is?


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