A Maths Puzzle?

SYPCC Shaun Wright’s Website says:

Within the Office of South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner the
proportion of staff which are:

   – Women is 72%.
   – Members of an ethnic minority is 5%.
   – Have a disability is 7%

So how many staff does he have???

If those percentages are not rounded then he must have either 100 or 200 or
300 or …. staff.

If they are rounded (as they surely must be),  it’s impossible to get any
idea of the numbers, except that in total there must be at least 22.  (16
female, 6 male or other, 2 ethnic minority , 1 disabled). [ at least that’s
what I think] .

A Regular Reader

14 thoughts on “A Maths Puzzle?

  1. Oh dear, rotherham politics is going “speak and spell” on us! Erm what does this have to do with anything. Leave this guy alone. I guess anything to do with labour and boy do you hate it


    • Hey Graham, lighten up! It’s Friday.
      … and be fair, I’m not and never have been a critic of Labour per se.
      After all who put forward what became the Equality Act 2010 – that now places a specific duty on all Police Commissioners’ Offices to publish information to demonstrate compliance with the general duty of equality.
      Go on have a guess, after all it’s Friday. 🙂


    • Hello Sheffred,

      I have a life, …and it involves numbers and I love them. I’m an economist by trade.

      A bit about my backgound:(don’t read it if you have a short attention span.)
      When I was a little kid my granddad used to take me up to the union hall in our town – he was Treasurer of a Trade Union (later Life President of that Union), and on Thursday evenings we went there to collect the union dues, I learnt about numbers counting those piles of coins.
      .I got to grammar school on my ability with sums (1947 Education Act made that possible) and then onto university to do maths; and years later, I went back to study monetary economics to help me understand the world.
      But I still see things in numbers – just as when, with my granddad, we compared the money we collected that week, with what we had collected in previous weeks – it was a valid measure of the decline of the South Lancashire cotton industry – which is were I come from.
      So today, when I see someone quoting a set of percentages, I just say “give me the raw numbers” ‘cos I can analyse them for myself”, … and just sometimes I ask myself “what’s hidden behind those percentages? Why weren’t the actual numbers published?”. Then I dig deeper.
      A couple of months after I came to live in S. Yorks, I filled in a questionnaire put out by RMBC. One of the questions was “Do you believe in recycling?” . I answered “I did until I came to live in Rotherham” – ‘Cos recycling was obviously not a priority of the Council then – and it isn’t today.

      Whilst I’ll always remain a Socialist, if I were today asked “Do you believe in the Labour Party” , I’d have to answer “Nationally yes, Locally:no.” .

      .. and your pathetic “attack dog” role on this blog is symptomatic of the problem.
      You’ve probably seen this picture:

      When I was living in Mengistu’s Ethiopia, it was everywhere.
      The locals called it “six eyes, three mouths, one ear”.

      Makes me think of this place sometimes.


      • Dear regular reader, I got up to –
        ‘………….don’t read it’
        and thought i’d take that advice, thanks for saving me from losing the will to live!


  2. 22 is wrong, as that’d give 9% disabled. Assuming they’re rounding correctly, 41 to 44 people gives 2 ethnic minority and 3 disabled people. Of those, only 43 gives a correct figure of 72% for women (at 31).


    • Remember he’s using an abacus Bromley86, hasn’t got a clue how to use a calculator! And Sally, agree with you, totally outdated comment and typical of his generation!


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