Akhtar, the BNP and the English Defence League need each other; or why he hates Respect

Asbo is happiest on the anti-fascism, anti-racism soap box, becoming the leader, the man of substance he wants to be. He is sure of his ground and the support of his community.

With Respect he changes tone, more the abusive street brawler, a shouter of curses. Quite simply he seems to lose it. They are cheats, liars, blasphemers and vermin and while disliking EDL & BNP he draws on an even deeper well of bile and vitriol when talking about Respect.

Why? The racists do the Pakistani community serious harm if and whenever they can. Whereas Respect are a movement containing young second & third generation Muslims, with a passion and commitment to leftish wing politics, fighting racism, disagreeing with British foreign policy and who want to open up and democratise politics within UK Muslim communities.

Asbo’s anti Respect rants emanate from Bradford. He was rattled by their victory at Bradford West and the election of five Councillors. These he puts down to the corruption and vile lying of Respect.

However independent research shows that far from Respect being corrupt it was Bradford’s Tory and Labour parties who for many years had treated voters with disdain through nepotism & cronyism. That their fraudulent use of postal ballots and purchasing of votes through ‘Biraderi’ (clan-based loyalty) left many Muslims feeling unrepresented and ashamed of the local Labour and Tory Parties.

“The-Bradford-Earthquake- How-Bradford West Was Won” http://goo.gl/RCuVX puts the lie to Asbo’s criticisms of Respect, finding there to be nothing irregular or untoward in Respect’s campaigning, certainly not compared to the history of corrupt practices by other parties in Bradford.

Asbo hates and fears Respect because they a go to the root of his power base, they provide an alternative voice, they don’t say different things in different languages and don’t fear him.

Their wanting to open up and democratise politics within UK Muslim communities is the only threat they are guilty of.

The EDL & BNP provide Asbo with the tools to keep his own community in fear, to cow liberals who fear offending and give him few points start in any debate. They exist for each other.

For the rest of us, well according to him we’re all Islamaphobic, even it appears many Muslims.

Read “The-Bradford-Earthquake- How-Bradford West Was Won” http://goo.gl/RCuVX

Wil Ewart– not a Respect Voter

17 thoughts on “Akhtar, the BNP and the English Defence League need each other; or why he hates Respect

  1. I tried to raise the spectre of child grooming in Rotherham and was slapped down by Asbo who called me “Islamaphobic”. I’d still like to raise the issue and get answers to these two questions as a starter:

    Why has RMBC remained silent on the issue of grooming for at least 15 years?
    Why has there been only one prosecution when the number of young girls targeted exceeds 600?

    Until RMBC is transparent on this issue the EDL and BNP will be able to make siren calls to the voters of Rotherham who have been treated with dis-respect.
    Respect is now in Rotherham and can give a voice to those voters who’ve been ignored for years. We will get to the bottom of this scandal, no matter how painful. Transparency is the best sunlight.


    • From Chris Longley MBE

      Dear Yvonne

      Just to confirm that I have indeed made a written enquiry by email to RMBC for copies of all the agendas minutes and reports of the Rotherham Child Safeguarding Board meetings that took place between 2005/6 and 2009/10 when ex-Councillor Shaun Wright was Cabinet Member for Children in RMBC.

      My request was acknowledged by an RMBC officer on 14 May 2013, so on my arithmetic the twenty working days that the FOI allows is reached on Monday 10 June 2013.

      And that’s a few days.

      I am sure that many readers of this blog will want to see the content of the RMBC reply to me, which I gather will be from the RMBC Information Governance Team.

      I have said in conversation with the Information Governance Team that I am happy to receive the information in any format such as Word, including readable CD, memory stick or as pdf files made available in tranches to my email. Or any combination of the above.

      I will of course keep everyone who reads this blog informed.

      Kind regards


      Chris Longley MBE


  2. I have spent the entire day with my family opposing the EDL in Sheffield. These people are utter scum. It would be so nice to see UKIP standing side by side with those against racism. Oh that’s right they are racist so I guess they would be doing their nazi salutes with their racist friends. UKIP need to be exposed for blaming immigration for everything under the sun


    • So you were no more than three metres from a UKIP supporter all the time in Sheffield. If you were supporting the UAF then I believe you are supporting a very extreme left wing party. I and 25% of the population believe that UKIP is a moderate party and their support will grow above the Labour party by the next election. Keep the insults coming. Accusing UKIP supporters of being racist is libellous.


  3. I think it is time for Rothpol to statrt exercising editorial control. Graham’s posts are getting dafter and dafter and peppered with sweeping generalisations unsupported by any evidence.
    If he represents the Labour party’s views it is no surprise they were kicked out of government and lost the seat in Rawmarsh.


  4. I speak for myself not the Labour Party in any capacity. I belong to the Catholic Worker Movement, CND, I am very much a Christian socialist in its purist form.


  5. Thank you “regular reader”.” It’s always a pleasure when someone adds knowledge and contributes an interesting article.

    Understanding Clan links helps make sense of things that otherwise appear unfathomable. For example the appearance of the nasty little hate blog “rothbradpolitics”. Why are Rotherham & Bradford twinned in a blog whose objectives seem simply to slag off Rik, Respect and with the odd snipe at Roger Stone? Clearly there are clan links between the two .

    Why are there so many taxi driver links among Councillors? Presumably the Clan was used to populate the profession through the largesse of those who broke into it first. Then they realised the value of political clout and used ‘Biraderi’ to get their nominees into Council seats.

    Does Jahangir Akhtar play some role in maintaining those links and in clan leadership?

    Does clan membership include a restriction like Omerta in the mafia. i.e. never say ill or snitch on a fellow member?

    This must be altogether frustrating for young Asians. I know several who complain that felt forced into certain professions , can’t imagine it feels great to feel so constrained by family expectations.

    Maybe that’s the reason for Akhtars anger with Respect. He’s one of the elders sitting on a generational time bomb that threatens his power & authority.

    He’s on the wrong side of progress.


  6. Was it the influence of the brotherhood (Biraderi) that allowed children in Rotherham to be systematically abused for over ten years with only one set of convictions, makes you wonder?


    • Think you may have ‘hit the nail on the head’ there! The influence locally, is both wide ranging and extensive! Resulting in the corruption of local politics in some fundamentally undemocratic ways, that thankfully, are now being challenged!


  7. That ‘generational time bomb that threatens his power & authority’, as well as Jahangir ‘Asbo’ Akhtar, it equally applies to Mahroof ‘Moofy’ Hussain and the hapless Lord Naz. All are being exposed as, ‘Emperors with no clothes’!
    We understand that a completely different explanation entirely, to the principles of ‘Biraderi’, were responsible for Shabana Ahmed’s political preferment.


  8. Caven. It reminds me of the comment from somebody in the Conservative party calling people Swivel eyed loons, it created a land slide of new UKIP supporters. Good luck in Rawmarsh.


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