Caven Vines – A Thank You to Rawmarsh Voters


Thank you Rawmarsh for putting your trust in me to serve you as your local UKIP Councillor.
I fully understand that UKIP are the new kids on the block and we need to prove to you that your trust is deserved and appreciated.
You can all be proud of the fact that in Rotherham and Yorkshire you have had the courage to put your X on the ballot paper to bring about the long awaited change needed in Rotherham’s Local political representation.
But politics aside you know what we in UKIP stand for if not please ask me and I will gladly visit you and explain our policies to you personally.
As your newly elected Councillor I will make this promise.
I will always put the needs of the Rawmarsh people first as your representative on the Council.
I will listen to what your concerns may be and act upon them to the best of my ability.
I will keep you informed of any developments in the area I know about
I will always try to resolve any issues you may have in the area or with the council and will report back to you with the answers whatever the final outcome may be.
At times I will not always be popular but will always endeavour to give you the reasons of my actions
But for me to do this and to help you I need you the people of Rawmarsh to tell me what the problems are in your community.
Remember we Councillors are there to represent and work for you the local tax payer you come first.
Please, if I am not doing what I have promised, then call me to account.
So together let’s make the changes long overdue in Rawmarsh.
Thank you
Caven Vines your UKIP Councillor

You can contact me as follows
Tel: 01709 550470

3 thoughts on “Caven Vines – A Thank You to Rawmarsh Voters

  1. When are you ending immigration in Rawmarsh! Oh don’t forget to tell Them also that if you got into power you would introduce a flat tax rate of 33% a 13% increase for working people and huge drop for the wealthy. Conservatives never had it so good in Rawmarsh with this rebranding!


  2. Don’t cherry pick Graham, tell the whole story Like raising the threshold before being eligible to pay tax and scrapping NI contributions


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