News from Maltby TUSC

“This Thursday, 6th June, Maltby Town Council will be meeting – and one item on the agenda, 13.2, is of particular interest; “to discuss the effects of the bedroom tax on Maltby residents and take any action possible within our power to protect the people of Maltby – Cllr J Robinson”.

After a public meeting last month, a community campaign, Maltby Against the Bedroom tax, was set up, of which several members of the public have joined the fight with Councillor Joe Robinson and TUSC in order to help out those affected by the bedroom tax in Maltby. TUSC members, who have ran stalls on the High Street in Maltby, have distributed leaflets giving advice and support to those affected, along with a leaflet about lobbying the council this Thursday and having petitions available to sign calling for the bedroom tax to be axed and for more social housing to be built.

Taken from a recent leaflet distributed by TUSC to Maltby residents, there is a proposal to send a letter from Maltby Town Council to RMBC requesting that there are no evictions as a result of bedroom tax rent arrears. Of course, public pressure at the meeting will help for this to be achieved. Maltby people – come join the fight!

Sent in by Shaun Barratt (Rotherham TUSC), co-signed by Councillor Joe Robinson

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