Kevin Barron and Big Pharma?

With a whole new ‘lobbying scandal’ going on, we thought it might give readers something to think about, if we reminded them of a few previous posts:

Kevin Barron and Sigma!

More evidence that Mr Barron has a very close relationship with Sigma Pharmaceuticals. After a 4,000 pound week long stay in Phuket, Thailand, for an hours work, our hardworking MP can be seen yet again sharing a platform with the … Continue reading

Kevin Barron – Working for Rother Valley or Private Health Companies?

Dear RikiLeaks, After his recent freebie holiday to Thailand paid for by SIGMA PHARMACEUTICALS PLC who earn £14,848,948.97 from NHS contracts* I wonder how Kevin Barron can justify taking handouts from private companies with direct interests in NHS contracts? Similar … Continue reading

Kevin Barron – Working for Rother Valley or the Japanese?

Dear RikiLeaks, Here is Mr Barron’s listed interests, listed on 2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc Fees for completing opinion surveys for ComRes, 4 Millbank, London, SW1P 3JA: £75 for survey, 5 December 2011. Hours: 25 mins. (Fee … Continue reading

Kevin Barron – Working for Rother Valley or himself?

Dear RikiLeaks, In a week when our local (supposedly socialist) MPs are caught with their snouts in the trough, yet again!I read with interest in the Advertiser how Kevin Barron gave 3,000 pounds to charity.( He earned this ‘as payment … Continue reading

2 thoughts on “Kevin Barron and Big Pharma?

  1. This makes sense actually. Kevin is clearly working as a test guinea pig for Sigma. Unfortunately, the serious side effects meant he could only take the drug abroad due to legal restrictions in South Yorkshire (and the fact that NIHCE have already said that the drug will be too expensive for people in Rotherham to afford). Now, sadly, those side effects have hit him hard…. He is stone deaf (to criticism), he is blind (to his own greed), he has a speech impediment (preventing him from using the word no when a corporation comes calling), and an inner ear dysfunction means he can’t walk more than 50 yards (without falling face first into a feeding trough).

    So pity the poor man, and let’s wish him well. Good luck Kevin, you’re an inspiration to us all.


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