Call Someone An Asshole – That’s OK

No action is being taken against Cllr Akhtar, despite the fact that he feels it appropriate to call someone an ‘asshole’ over Twitter. This response to a complaint is illustrative, many thanks to Rothpol’s source, who wishes to remain unidentified:


7 thoughts on “Call Someone An Asshole – That’s OK

  1. When the ‘dice are loaded’ against the complainant, what is the point in complaining?
    The answer, of course, is none!
    Exposure of their disgraceful behaviour to public ridicule, is the only rational response left to us!
    Until the complaints system is fit for purpose, that is?


  2. Culture of impunity? No wonder!
    Rotherham Council, seems to exist in a parallel universe?
    No one is ever brought to book, no matter how egregious the offence!
    What else has been covered up over the years? Using computer equipment provided for Councillors to view pornography, perhaps? Or the blue badge abuser, still hiding in their midst?


  3. Does this mean every time we refer to Asbo Akhtar we can now use his favourite adjective in front of Asbo? I do like alliteration!


  4. The complainant can still insist that it goes to the scrutiny board despite what she may believe Collins is not the be all and end all. She is there to cut down on how many times the scrutiny board and standards committee meet, this is all based on cost. Every time she says no further action is to be taken insist on it going to the scrutiny board.
    Dave Smith


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