3 thoughts on “CSE Taskforce first reports from Andrew Norfolk

  1. Not often I would say well done to a Tory, about time the gloves came off in putting the spotlight onto those who use race to down play this evil crime.

    Don’t hold your breath in Rotherham, still no convictions!


  2. The pigeons of liberal humanism are coming home to roost – we simply can’t accommodate everyone’s views and say they are all equally valid as long as they “work” for you. When the result is justification for exploitation, then those values are clearly working for some at the expense of others. The question one is tempted to ask Damien Green is “What makes your 21st century British law and culture better?” The answer is (or used to be) that it’s founded on a solid Judeo-Christian world view. We are in the process of throwing that view out which will eventually leave us with no defence except to assert “our culture is better” without any intellectual or reasoned basis for it. The other way, of course, is to really recover the moral basis for our culture in practice, head and in heart. The answer to false cultural assumptions is not accommodating liberalism but to have ones based on Truth with a capital T. There comes a time when we have to say: I am right and you are wrong.
    So bravo Damien Green. He gets it. But where, o where is the moral impetus of the Labour party that was founded on the Christian world-view (and social compassion and economic justice flowing therefrom), of people like Kier Hardie etc? Blowing in the wind I’m afraid… The Labour-dominated powers that be in Rotherham are the Pontius Pilates of our age, washing their hands while innocence is crucified on a horrifying scale on our streets.


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