Andrew Norfolk – Child abuse failings

Child abuse failings must lead to new law, MPs say

Catastrophic blunders at two scandal-hit councils mean that ministers must consider changing the law and force any professional to report suspicions of child abuse to an appropriate authority, MPs say today.

In a damning report, the Home Affairs Select Committee launches a series of recommendations to transform the response of local authorities, police, teachers, health workers and the courts to accusations of sex grooming. Read on…..

1 thought on “Andrew Norfolk – Child abuse failings

  1. I particularly like the bit in the Guardian that quotes from the report i.e. “South Yorkshire’s newly elected police and crime commissioner, Shaun Wright, told the committee he had not met with any victims of child sexual exploitation, the report said, adding: “We suggest Mr Wright may wish to take more of an interest in the victims than he has done previously.””

    Nah! – he’ll probably be more interested in his new fangled burglar alarm.


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