The Star – Criticism for police and council chiefs over response to sexual exploitation of children

Criticism for police and council chiefs over response to sexual exploitation of children

Police and council chiefs in Rotherham have been criticised by MPs over their response to tackling the sexual exploitation of children – with agencies described as ‘inexcusably slow’ at recognising the extent of the problem.

A Home Affairs Select Committee report concluded that there had been ‘a woeful lack of professional curiosity or indifference’ at the top at Rotherham Council.

Criticising Rotherham Council, the report concluded: “That it took so long for anybody, at any level from the Chief Executive downward, to look at reports of young girls with multiple, middle-aged ‘boyfriends’, hanging around takeaways, drinking and taking drugs, and to think that it might be worth investigating further, is shocking.” Read on…

1 thought on “The Star – Criticism for police and council chiefs over response to sexual exploitation of children

  1. It’s no surprise that it took took so long for the Chief Executive to look at the reports. Though I would actually argue he did. I have had an official complaint on his desk for 2 years re malpractice in the Young People’s Services at senior management level. He probably did what he has done with me. Look at it, think of ways of covering it up, use semantics, avoidance and any means possible to cover up, and in the end just end drag it out for months / years and ignore it hoping the use of secrecy and corporate bullying will make it all go away. Believe me the the RMBC Code of Practice is only used when junior ranks are targeted for bullying by management or minor discipline issues. When it comes to the top it makes a good door stop.

    What we have at RMBC (especially concerning the non elected Chief Executives, Directors and very senior management) is a tendency to bury everything. Mr Kimber, Howe and Ms Thacker (and her little posse of managers that surrounds her) knew what they they doing re the abuse scandal, the adoption scandal and the falsification of official government figures and reports. It’s standard practice. Every directive comes from them so they should take responsibility. But perhaps that is too much to ask.

    While we rightly castigate elected officials we should also remember the ‘comfortable elite’ that really direct policy in the town. It’s time Kimber, Howe and Thacker and her wicked witches were all sacked; and that includes the senior members of the HR Department who also lay at the root of the issue. (Try talking to the Young Peoples; Services HR if you want double speak).

    A tooth and nail review of Senior Management and HR (Goebells would be proud) is needed. So is a clear out. Resignations, if they happen, will be a cop out as they will retain their pensions and just find work somewhere else. Can we have a Government Inquiry in to RMBC daily operational practice now please?

    Of course the scandal doesn’t stop there . We all know elected officials were involved. Shaun Wright should resign now, as should Paul Mr Lakin. Although I don’t expect them to – it would be like expecting Roger Stone to take responsibility for an issue; or actually speak out on one. But it is not enough to simply ‘go after’ the elected officials. The problem and corruption lies deeper. There is something rotten in the state of Rotherham and it goes by the name of the Senior Management at the Young People’s Services and RMBC HR..
    As for my complaint re RMBC malpractice. (Still in process). As I have said before I will let yo know when my little (actually very big) issue goes to the Omsbudsman and therefore legal restrictions are lifted. . Then hopefully it will become abundantly clear how RMBC view a dissident voice of conscience in their ranks.. Sorry I can’t say any more at present but Roth Pol will be the first to know when it does.


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