Yorkshire Post – MPs hit out at ‘catastrophic failures’ on child grooming

MPs hit out at ‘catastrophic failures’ on child grooming

Authorities were “inexcusably slow” to realise the widespread, organised sexual abuse of children taking place on their doorstep, a damning report into grooming today lays bare.

Rotherham Council has been slammed for its “woeful lack of professional curiosity” about the problem by MPs, who also accuse it of “suppressing criticisms” of its involvement with victims.

Senior leadership failed in their duty of care towards abused youngsters, many of whom were treated in an “appalling manner”, the Home Affairs Select Committee has concluded.

Today’s report, which focuses mainly on the grooming of white girls by gangs of Asian men, follows a year-long inquiry into child sexual exploitation and the response to localised grooming across the country.

Chairman Keith Vaz said it had revealed “catastrophic failures” by agencies that should have protected the vulnerable young victims, many of whom were in care. Read on….

‘Police must acknowledge Pakistani sex-grooming issue#’

A pattern of Pakistani-heritage men grooming young white girls for sex does exist and authorities must acknowledge it without fear of being labelled racist, a report into the organised sexual abuse of children has concluded.

The Home Affairs Select Committee’s findings support concerns raised by former Keighley MP Ann Cryer, who faced a fierce backlash when she suggested underlying cultural attitudes might be a factor in such offending, which she was worried was happening in her constituency. Read on….

4 thoughts on “Yorkshire Post – MPs hit out at ‘catastrophic failures’ on child grooming

  1. I was involved with the Rotherham trial. These girls were let down by every agency that was supposed to protect them. It was clear to me that the police had no idea what was unravelling in front of their eyes. As the interviews progressed, the police interviewers struggled to cope, the audio equipment was woefully inadequate and the two years it took to get to Court, disgraceful. At least the nine defence barristers tried to keep the cross-examining of these girls to a minimum, which I’m not sure happened in Rochdale.


  2. Both Kimber and Wright are clearly singing from the same hymsheet in “both” claiming that it was a “systemic failure” and not a failure by individuals that left young girls to be sexually abused ny gangs of men for years! The report says there was an “inexcuable lack of action” and even curiousity on the part of the people responsible for the children of the borough. Astonishingly Wright says he did not speak to any of the victims as that would have been an intrusion into their privacy! The young victims certainly had their privacy intruded upon by the constant sexual abuse by gangs of men that no “individual” did anything about and “individuals” have to take the blame. They should not be allowed to blame the system, the shameful negligence and culpability lies with them, and if resignations are not forthcomming dismissals with out any payments at all should occur!


  3. The direction regarding the cover up at the onset of the grooming came from the top of the non – elected officials tree at RMBC / South Yorkshire Police – aka Kimber, Thacker and Crompton. Devotees of the ‘Big Lie Theory’, they reckoned if they told the lie often enough, some, if not all of the people who heard it would believe it. Thankfully they were wrong. Why they decided to instigate the cover up and suppress the facts and events only they will truly know. However, whatever their motives the issue now is to hold them to account legally and morally. Prosecutions please.

    And so it then came to pass that once the gang of three realised the boiler was about to blow then Wright and Lakin had to be informed very early in the plot. However, instead of questioning and disciplining Kimber and Thacker and insisting the issue was addressed they joined the charade – did what they usually do – became all James Bond – then shaken if not stirred to action went covert. Some say they were foolish to do so, others mad; but they say you never know when you are insane – with power in particular that is.

    Meanwhile over at South Yorkshire Police, the Big Chiefs had a pow – wow. and empowered by the fact that at the time they seemed to have got away with their ‘Hillsborough lies’ reverted to kind. “It didn’t happen Guv. Move along now. Nothing happening here. I see no ships. No comment.” So Senior Management at South Yorkshire Police – sadly.

    Back at RMBC the next stage was then to pass on the need to cover up to the likes of the Directors and Senior Management at the Young People’s Services. (Ms’s Smith, Bailey, Borthwick – the double double toil and trouble sisters).Now these girls know a cushy number when they see one and were not prepared to loose it. As usual they most likely bullied and threatened the Middle / Junior Mangers who in turn bullied the front line staff. The usual tactics are “cuts are coming – redundancies certain – it could be you.’ ‘you have a mortgage / a family / appraisal coming’, ‘read RMBC’s Code of Practice – it may not apply to us but it does to you’ etc.

    Enter Stone – at what stage – hopefully we will find out – but he must have been aware and involved early on; if not what is he actually elected for? However, whether from the onset or at an early (ish) stage he joined in gladly. Confident he was untouchable, like a modern date Elliot Ness in reverse he saw the chance to solve the crimes but turned a blind eye. As the old Sheffield saying goes, “there’s none as blind as them that refuse to see.” Which is exactly what he did. “Close you eyes and you will see the land of make believe.”Whatever occurred either Stone is incompetent or dishonest: either one demands he resigns.

    Meanwhile at the bottom the front line social workers and police staff were doing their best to deal with the victims. We can’t really blame them considering the conditions and harassment they receive and still do on a daily basis from management and officials, elected or otherwise. However, a little wager, I bet Mr Stone’s ‘report’ does blame the front line staff. My bets on – “It was an operational failure and we will endeavour to put it right.” I also wager he won’t add – “starting with my resignation and self referral to the standards committee and police for investigation.”

    Now why do I have the notion that RMBC / SYPD may try to push it under the carpet once again. Why do I suspect they will take a few weeks – have a few sandwiches and freebie glasses of wine – then come up with a report containing a statement like Thacker’s last one – “we have really stepped up its commitment” to tackling the problem and it is a huge priority”. Then do nothing and carry on regardless. Maybe because we all know that is what will happen: it always does.

    The HR Department at RMBC (via Howe and Fitzpatrick) will of course then play their part in trying to put in place damage limitation. Experts at the dark art of avoidance, although not quite Machiavelli and Mandelson, (but trying to be) they will react in the way they always do. Behind closed curtains they will meet and plot with the guilty and find ways to put on a brave face. Then come up with advice on a strategy, and if we are lucky a public statement that says nothing: after all that’s what HR is for. (Actually I’d also like to know what HR knew at the time too).

    Sadly this is how RMBC works – the top non elected officials run the show in their own way and are seldom held to account. The majority of councillers – bless – at best try – at worst they just don’t get it and muddle along hoping it will all go away. Only a few dare question – knowing their careers will be ended not by the voters but the men and women in grey with darker souls. So much for public accountability.

    This is the way RMBC works whether its The Abuse Scandal, the murder of Laura Wilson, The Adoption Outrage, The falsification of Local and National Government Stats, Contracting Out Service Provision to the usual suspects or any issue they deem as not in the public’s interest simply theirs. Time this changed me thinks. Let’s hope it does.

    For my two penneth I’d sack the ‘suppressors’ then prosecute. In reality, sadly, if were are lucky one or two will resign/ move on – with full pensions of course. The rest involved in the disgraceful event will carry on – until the next time – when the whole process of ‘see nowt hear nowt say nowt’ will begin again. How many children’s lives have to be ruined for Stone, Thacker and the rest of this sorry rabble to get it? Hopefully not one more. But I don’t have that faith in their honesty.

    Confused – you’ve been watching soap – sadly not – it’s all too terrifyingly real.


  4. Both Sarah Champion and Kevin Barron have remained silent over RMBC’s catastrophic failures to tackle child grooming. I can find no evidence in Hansard of these two supposed ‘champions of the people’ criticising RMBC,Thacker or Stone.
    I suppose it will not do to criticise fellow comrades over the conspiracy of silence and sheer ineptitude that is RMBC today. To paraphrase: They are “all in it together”.
    Perhaps Champion and her fellow CP travellers in the council chamber do not regard this vile crime as worthy of comment?


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