Yvonne Ridley’s reaction

There should, of course, be resignations, apologies and an investigation of those who have deliberately covered up this scandal for years. Rotherham is a rotten borough and Labour has attempted, in the past, to put a sticking plaster on the festering pustule of corruption which continues to seep in every corner of the establishment there.

No wonder there was so much hostility and resistance towards the arrival of the Respect Party last year when I said child grooming should become a major election issue. Instead of accusing me of being Islamaphobic, Labour councillors should have followed my lead and launched a full investigation into the failings of the local authority, police and other agencies.

Labour’s NEC should now order an independent inquiry to find out how far the cover ups and corruption have extended and why, and question closely those who seek higher office … until all the issues raised by the Home Affairs Select Committee are answered, a cloud of suspicion must hang over those councillors who’ve chosen to remain silent. They are not fit to represent the electorate in Rotherham in any capacity until the answers behind this conspiracy of silence are resolved.

Respect has now established a branch in Rotherham and will continue to campaign for transparency in this and many other far-reaching issues which are of concern to the good people of Rotherham. Our platform is for peace, equality and justice, something which has not been in evidence there for many years.

Yvonne Ridley, interim Leader of the Respect Party

21 thoughts on “Yvonne Ridley’s reaction

  1. This was one of the most shameful scandals in the history of Rotherham and we must not forgive or forget. The exploitation of innocent children is completely unacceptable and each and every one of us living in the borough must take an active stance in making sure this NEVER happens again.

    Something tells me that the scourge has not been completely flushed out of Rotherham’s system and that must be our first priority. Report any untoward behaviour and demand action from SY Police, and from the incompetants that we elect. Parents, guardians and families must play a significant role in the welfare of their families, as well as flagging up any unusual behaviour.

    Finally, we cannot be discouraged because of the colour of the perpetrators’ skin; white, brown or black, if they’re taking part in CSE they’re vermin and need to be dealt with. I also echo Yvonne’s words in that we do need an overhaul at council level. This is a moral issue, not a political one so therefore if our councillors had a shred of dignity or an ounce of a conscience, they’d step down and apologise to the victims, their families and anyone who has been affected by this henious crime.

    Irrespective of our political leanings, we should all be united in our condemnation of the authorities for failing the most vulnerable in our town.


  2. councillors resign? are you all having a laugh? they will do nothing than to squander the tax payers for more and more and even then a little extra on top for good measure. we all need to make a stand and get these councillors voted out the very next time they’re up for re-election because mark my words they wont stand aside. it takes a certain kind of HUMAN BEING to stand up and be counted when the mucky stuff hits the fan, our rotherham councillors are made of that stuff and have no morals. as the voting public it is now our turn to stand up and be counted properly rather than just for the 4 week election run up period while these greedy, good for nothing councillors of ours are wanting our votes. ALL rotherham stand up to these thugs we have for councillors and vote them out.


  3. Is there a timeline anywhere? I think that would be really useful in seeing how this tragedy unravelled almost by accident. The original complaint was one of physical assault and threats once the 12 year-old began refusing the requests of her groomers. RMBC was nowhere to be seen at the time. I remember the Children & Young Peoples’ Consortium getting a lovely new web site during this time and there were lots of meetings but I haven’t got a clue if they have achieved anything beyond this. I would love to see copies of their minutes.


  4. Until and unless an independent inquiry into RMBC’s shameful handling and attempted cover up over this scandal is established we should not expect any affirmative action from RMBC. What we will get in the interim is spin,deceit and outright lies scripted by the same person who,when this episode was first highlighted said “Not me Guv, I was’nt there when it happened”
    I won’t hold my breath waiting for heads to roll.


  5. For how many years did this activity take place and who was in charge of South Yorkshire Police and Child Protection at RMBC during this period?


  6. Too many years and still going on Why has their been no arrests or prosicutions Why have Kimber, Thacker, Stone,Wright, the ex Cheif Constable’s and Assistants who was in post at the time not been taken to account If they did nothing about this then they are as guilty as the Groomers for sitting back doing nothing and hoping it would go away
    The Law is the Law and should be enforced chose what your religion, nationality, colour, or culture is and not be restricted due to the Political correctnes and racisit card being played.


  7. Almost every newspaper has featured this issue. Probably the most significant scandal, not involving money, in the history of Rotherham Met Borough Council! Yet the Advertiser has yet to feature it on their website. Why? We should be told!


  8. This post has united the combined support of Respect, UKIP and the Conservatives. Where this unity is displayed, Labour better start taking notice.
    Rothpol hadn’t missed the Advertiser’s strange reluctance to cover this story, no explanation for this reticence, is as yet forthcoming.


    • The Advertiser now has this on it’s website, full coverage promised for Friday. Looking forward to Friday, with unusually great expectation and anticipation of the Advertiser treatment and analysis of this story.


      • From Chris Longley MBE

        Dear Rothpol and all the other people who have commented
        Note to Rothpol: this is modified version of an earlier blog in the light of very recent events.

        Thank you for your comments on these grave issues. I share your disquiet, but if the propre outcomes are to be achieved there are necessary cautions.

        I have never called for any Rotherham MBC employee to be disciplined, let alone sacked or forced into retirement etc. Nor will I do so and for good reasons.

        Nor have I suggested to any political body that they should instigate disciplinary proceedings against any of their elected members, whether of Rotherham MBC or against others such as the Police and Crime Commissioner.

        I have, however, strongly suggested that investigations should take place to establish what the facts are about who knew what, when they knew it and what they then did or did not do. Let me set out why.

        There has to be proof of actions or inactions by such people in power that can be proven and therefore be taken lawfully as the basis for such disciplinary actions. As I write this entry to the Rothpol blog, Rotherham MBC have not made available in the public domain any such proof or evidence. Yet.

        I still await their response to my FOI request, for which the due “20 day response” is actually today. I am told on the telephone today that the work on their reply to me is under way

        Some may say that this approach is offering a process of fairness denied to all the young girls who were so gravely assaulted, raped and trafficked over at least half a decade.

        But bad practices and bad judgements in one area of the justice system can never provide the excuse for the summary use elsewhere of arbitrary disciplinary practices that would be just as badly based. Successful appeals by those affected would be virtually guaranteed.

        So it may take time, but I have lots of time and patience (and so do many others!).

        We will unearth what these people knew, when they knew it and what they did or did not do. And if there is no self-started Judicial Inquiry in Rotherham into these dreadful matters, there will be one imposed on Rotherham some day. For sure.

        Let us hope the apparently emerging local consensus not only keeps its respect for due process but also holds together to force the independent JUdicial Inquiry that will I am sure be needed ultimately if we are to learn the full truth.

        I just hope it does not take 23 years.

        Kind regards


        Chris Longley MBE


  9. Quite telling the number of RMBC Cllr Twitter accounts void of any Tweets from the account holder on the systematic failings by overpaid RMBC officers and portfolio leads to safeguard children from rape, take for example Cllr Akhtar and Cllr Hussain, more interested in award ceremonies and closing windows than speaking up for vulnerable children, silly me, it’s down to being awfully PC you know.

    A further example of the wall of silence from those eager to take the public’s money but slow to stop these crimes.

    Give them the boot.

    Vote UKIP!


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