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South Yorkshire: Authorities critised over response to child sexual exploitation

Authorities in South Yorkshire have been criticised by MPs for their handling of child sexual exploitation.

Rotherham Council was described as ‘inexcusably slow’, while South Yorkshire Police was said to have ‘let down’ victims of grooming.

A Home Affairs Select Committee report concluded that there had been a woeful lack of professional curiosity or indifference’ at the top at Rotherham Council.

The report focuses mainly on the grooming of white girls by gangs of Asian men, follows a year-long inquiry into child sexual exploitation and the response to localised grooming across the country.

A Rotherham Council spokeswoman said: “Rotherham Council welcomes the work of the Home Affairs Select Committee and the report published today in further raising the profile nationally and locally regarding issues of child sexual exploitation.”

“This and the wider context presented by Operation Yewtree and other high profile investigations into child sexual exploitation, allows for a more open conversation within our communities in a way that has not been possible in the past.”

“Having just received the report, we need time to consider and reflect on the important issues raised to assess how this can help us to build on the significant improvements that have been made since 2009 and hope to provide a more detailed response very shortly.”

“Working with our partners, including South Yorkshire Police, we continue to give top priority to tackling this horrific crime and to protecting the children and young people of Rotherham from the people who will use any means at their disposal to cause them harm.” Continue reading…..

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