Rotherham Advertiser – Rotherham Council failed to recognise abuse on its own doorstep – MPs’ report

Rotherham Council failed to recognise abuse on its own doorstep – MPs’ report

ROTHERHAM Borough Council was inexcusably slow to realise widespread and organised sexual abuse of children was taking place on its doorstep, MPs have said.

The Home Affairs Select Committee published its report into localised child grooming on Monday following a lengthy inquiry. Continue reading…..

This letter has made it online:

Rotherham deserves the truth

WITH yet more appalling condemnations of the officers and members of Rotherham MBC being revealed this week in respect of their abject failure to protect the children of the borough, it seems to me that a latter day Heracles is needed to clean out the Augean Stables that currently masquerade as the council’s Department of Children and Young People’s Services. Continue reading……

This author appears to have a blind spot?

I can’t see any mention of two more senior councillors, who should at this very moment be considering their own positions, before resigning!

I write of course, of Jahangir Akhtar and Mahroof Hussain! Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council Deputy Leader and Cabinet member for community cohesion, respectively.

They must also shoulder their own significant responsibility, in the causation of the Rotherham Child Sexual Exploitation Scandal. Resignation of these senior positions should represent a minimum response in the circumstances, Rothpol would have thought?

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