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First Edition  No: 01 Sunday 16th June 2013

Thought a twitter from Jahangir Akhtar yesterday, should be shared with a wider audience. Readers will be familiar with Akhtar’s style and this new fine example, serves to demonstrate this again.

Imagine Rothpol’s surprise when he learned that the events described in Akhtar’s first tweet were based on a fiction not fact, Omar Mehban then magnified this by accepting Akhtar’s word at face value. I was even more surprised when Akhtar turned on Omar in an extraordinarily spiteful way there then follows an embarrassing and very revelatory response, probably the most revelatory, Rothpol has published to date!  Image kindly supplied by ‘a regular reader’, with our thanks:

Twitter - Jahangirakhtar- @MattCollins79 @SirM1991 and ...


23 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Twitter Exchanges

    • Very sensible advice there cliftonbird. It will go unheeded, I fear.

      This insufferably arrogant man thinks he can behave in any way he likes and his bullying can then be used to cover up any indiscretions such as revealed here in these tweets.

      The ‘cats out of the bag’ in terms of Akhtar’s relationship with Shabana Ahmed in this the first Sunday Tabloid edition of Rotherham Politics.

      Further developments expected!


  1. @Mattcollins79 is a fake account that is used on twitter.
    Have you noticed how someone comments using the name annonymous, how @Mattcollins79 aims and points a finger at a certain individual.
    See how Asbo Akhtar try’s to be Mr Mehban friend and then takes Mick out off him after Mr Mehban family links to sham marriages and child explotation in Rotherham.
    Mr Omar Mehban looks upto as a leader at the start, then Mr Mehban tries to apologize but then realizes he is taken for ride by @Mattcollins79, that is made by an associate of Asbo Akhtar friends by name of Vakas Hussain.
    Have you noticed how this @Mattcollins tries and cover the back of Asbo and tries to
    Point a finger at certain people and funny thing is Mr Mehban is following what Asbo Akhtar says to him and @Mattcollins79 say to him there make him a fool.
    People like Omar Mehban need to really consider what he is saying and take responsibility of what he is doing.
    @Mattcollins79 acting innocent try’s to defend ASBO Akhtar and this seem to look odd for reader’s to realise the person using the account @Mattcollins79 is Vakas Hussain who uses that account, who is Vakas Hussain he is Councillor Moofy bostan ward nephew has got something to do with that account, it is funny how he is justifying his comments and defending Asbo Akhtar.


    • Probably due to the fact they both up to there necks and have too much to loose as cllrs and all their corrupt sidelines and influence me thinks.


      • Well, those in Respect, particularly Annoynmous find it appropriate to pose in front of Jihad flags? Wow. Glass houses springs to mind!


  2. I was a member of the LP once and spent about 5 years trying to drag them out of the mud…in the end I lost all hope I threw my hands in the air.

    The cops knew, as did the RMBC, as did any other person that has bothered to listen to me in the past 8 years – those people knew and did nothing.

    Razaq is out of prison now and has been in Rotherham, he lives in Leeds I am told.

    After he threatened to burn my house down I messaged him on Facebook as he was kicking off, I wanted to provide him with a dialogue. He abused me so that was that.


  3. I am confused by Asbo’s statement on his Twitter account that he is Tweeting in a private capacity and if you don’t like what he says, then don’t follow.

    My confusion is that he seems to be acting in his capacity as a Labour Councillor. For example his personal blog is clearly labelled with Labour Party logo and his ward. On this site there is a link to this Twitter account. I believe his blog site is even based on an LP provided template.

    Now I hate being legalistic but I am confident that having the link on an LP web site clearly ties it in as his formal Councillor/LP Twitter account, regardless of what he says.

    Alternatively, given that his blog site probably gets financial support from the party then if it is not an LP/Councillor Twitter site that it points to then he is potentially using Party funds to promote a personal account.

    I suggest he gets one of his friend Ahmed’s lawers to sort it out. Maybe the question could be put to the Regional LP?

    Whatever, while personally amused by his Twitter buffoonery it really is a disgrace to the LP, Rotherham and his Ward.


  4. Firstly, in response to Asbo’s initial tweet, regrettably I accepted it at face value because Omair is a walking controversy in my opinion, I did not endorse his attack of Rotherham Politics or Rik, who I get on with perfectly well, as far as I know.

    Cliftonbird is spot on with her comment about people in glass houses; whilst in the Labour Party, ASBO was foolish enough to spew vitriol against some of his ‘comrades’, just bear that in mind! I don’t often feel the need to resort to dirty tactics.

    Finally, not that it’s anyone’s business but for the sake of clarity, members of my family (cousins etc) were convicted of two very sickening crimes (CSE & Sham Marriages) which makes me even more determined to condemn such despicable and vile crimes. Every comment I have made in support of victims and the police force (when they’re doing their job properly) has been completely sincere and irrespective of this blithering oaf’s (Asbo) apparent outing of my relatives, whose actions I have disowned, I have absolutely nothing to hide and continue working hard for Rotherham Conservatives. Mehban 1 Asbo 0!


    • Thanks Omar,
      That we get on, would be my understanding of our relationship too.
      Attacks, whether upon Rotherham Politics or Rik, are only to be expected given the nature of a blog such as this. They will not deflect us from what we see as our civic duty and frankly provide hours of amusement for Rik, especially.
      Rothpol has always known that there was no connection between the crimes of relatives and yourself and I am sure there is no one on here that would ever suggest otherwise. That ASBO Akhtar did so, goes to reveal this individuals poisonous personality. He condemns himself with his own words in a most damning and revelatory way!
      All shades of political opinion are welcome here and always will be!


      • Thanks Rothpol, as I say he ought to be very careful when mud-slinging. I spent a year at the Labour Party gathering as much ‘interesting information’ as I could, including off the cuff remarks from that individual. If they wish to continue, then I shall have no hesitation in airing that laundry which has been concealed for three years 🙂


  5. councillor asbo and councillor ahmed??? i think someone needs to be clear and precise rather than beat the bush………. am i the only one in the dark here and the only one that needs things maybe spelling out in plain asbo language?


  6. When Omar said in a tweet “wonder how Cllr Ahmed got herself elected? *innocent face*” I imagine most would conclude, that at the very least, there is some explaining to do? So far, none has emerged.
    Shabana Ahmed must be the only person employed in a politically restricted post, right up to the day of her election, to manage this feat, without being in a whole heap of trouble? Quite how she managed to get herself firstly selected by her local Labour party, then get nominated and fight an election campaign whilst debarred from any political activity throughout!
    Shabana’s current employment arrangements are difficult to explain additionally, as they appear over complex and of dubious legitimacy.


  7. Please be thoughtful of your comments, i don’t know Cllr Ahmed, but its not right to slander anyone. Particularly for the Muslims on this blog, I refer you to the Quran, surah Noor (24), verse 23.


    • Rothpol is not aware that we have defamed anyone, please reference your remarks to the alleged libel. Would be grateful if you would refrain from bringing religion into it.


  8. I didn’t intend to comment on this post again, but whoever this ‘Anonymous’ person is, I’m sure you like many other religious preachers are 100% perfect compared to the rest of us mere mortals (not!!) so please keep your advice to yourself, I loathe people who try to preach; despicable.


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