Important Questions Raised – Yesterday’s Twitter Exchanges

“I am confused by Asbo’s statement on his Twitter account that he is Tweeting in a private capacity and if you don’t like what he says, then don’t follow.

My confusion is that he seems to be acting in his capacity as a Labour Councillor. For example his personal blog is clearly labelled with Labour Party logo and his ward. On this site there is a link to this Twitter account. I believe his blog site is even based on an LP provided template.

Now I hate being legalistic but I am confident that having the link on an LP web site clearly ties it in as his formal Councillor/LP Twitter account, regardless of what he says.

Alternatively, given that his blog site probably gets financial support from the party then if it is not an LP/Councillor Twitter site that it points to then he is potentially using Party funds to promote a personal account.

I suggest he gets one of his friend Ahmed’s lawers to sort it out. Maybe the question could be put to the Regional LP?

Whatever, while personally amused by his Twitter buffoonery it really is a disgrace to the LP, Rotherham and his Ward.”

Wil Ewart

5 thoughts on “Important Questions Raised – Yesterday’s Twitter Exchanges

  1. Seems there have been some changes. Twitter feed removed from website and also taken private!
    Is this a result?
    All that’s needed now to complete the separation and to finally eliminate any confusion is for Asbo to remove the link to his Labour website, from his twitter profile.


  2. Last vestige of his labour party link removed from twitter.
    Changes made through gritted teeth, perhaps?
    Jahangir Akhtar, would do well to learn the lessons of this issue and to realise that as a senior labour politician, he is accountable for his own words and actions! Wherever they occur, in person or on the internet.


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