APC – Reaction Dinnington Guardian Letters

Story had holes in it

Re: Mrs Reynolds’ letter of 7th June, the letter had more holes than Stan Ogden’s wash leather!

Aren’t magistrates duty bound to tell the truth – the letter is nothing like the truth!

I think Mrs Reynolds was heckling during the whole meeting when Mr Thornton rose to speak, as she does on the occasions of her attendance at Anston Parish Council. Read on…

The true ‘facts’ of the matter

In response to the letter from Mrs J. M. Reynolds entitled Accurate’ Account of Meeting (7th June), I write to correct the inaccuracies in her letter.Mrs Reynolds says:

Quote: “I did not heckle the person in question.”

Fact: Throughout the meeting, whenever Mr Thornton spoke Mrs Reynolds turned around making comments at him.

Quote: “At no point did I hear her (Mrs Joyce Brindley) say anything to Mr Thornton about his military service.” Read on…

2 thoughts on “APC – Reaction Dinnington Guardian Letters

  1. In both the instances quoted above Judith Reynolds has suffered from selective amnesia. There were several witnesses to the exchange between Cllr.Thornton and Mr.Brindley, Judith Reynolds was seen and heard heckling Cllr.Thornton and her praise of Cllr.Beck is to be expected from a former Labour Cllr.


  2. Judith Reynolds……..quite simply coerced by the protagonists St John n Stan Ogden Stonebridge to be a disruptive voice at meetings in their favour. As for a story littered with holes ……obviously following the basal moral depths of the master puppeteers of APC.


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