Tim Declares Intent!

My plans as councillor

Dear Anston electorate.

Now that we have won our battle against mass housing on our green belt, let us now argue against the small development on our green belt in favour of brownfield sites.

If I was to stand for an Independent Ward Councillor position at the next RMBC election in 2014, this would be my plan for Anston. Read on…

9 thoughts on “Tim Declares Intent!

  1. Those “plans” are way outside the remit of a “ward councillor”. Hopefully someone more practical and grounded in realpolitic will stand as an Independent; and Tim have the sense not to stand and split the vote.


    • “Those “plans” are way outside the remit of a “ward councillor” Who says? The electorate determines that. “Hopefully someone more practical and grounded” My background suggests I am very practical but also have vision. Worked in the biggest melting shop in the world as a Process control technician and in the major Head office buildings in London as an IT specialist for HSBC and built voice and data networks all around the country, but since 2000 have enhanced myself even more in more people focused areas. “realpolitic” sounds like more of the same rubbish, offering little and delivering nothing, with fancy jargon.”Tim have the sense not to stand and split the vote.” The local electorate will determine that, not you or me. I think most of the electorate are fed up of left wing politics and things are swinging to the right, I hope to keep myself in the middle throughout. I suggest you post as a real person, rather than being anonymous, personally I find your views very negative.


  2. Sorry Tim mate but if you want to be taken serious don’t do what Darren Hughes did one day I am a Tory then I am Labour. You can not be an independent UKIP candidate by aligning yourself with a party you forfeit the right to call yourself independent. You are also attempting to sell pipe dreams no one seriously believes that half of Dinnington comp will be moved to Anston, nor will they believe that you could get the shopping centre. The Lib Dems used to float wild schemes such as no University fees then oh dear we got into bed with the Tories got a bit of power and forgot all those wonderful promises. I may not have won in Dinnington yet, as I am sure someone will wish to point out but at least I have stayed true to being totally independent.

    Dave Smith


    • I would have been happy to stand against Kevin Barron at a Rothervalley level, but at a local level I can stand as an Independent without any help from the party, if the people want me to. If I stood against Kevin Barron, there are many things I agree with UKIP about, the things I don’t agree with them about, I would challenge. No party whip would keep me in order! The thing I most like about UKIP is their policy for legally binding elections, after the EU referendum, the people can then over ride any decision of the government or change any part of the law as in Switzerland, if I understand your manifesto correctly. This would mean that if 5 million (or what ever figure) people signed a petition for anything, then it went to a legally binding national referendum and the law would be change. That is democracy as I see it, not 650 Mp’s dictating to the people. Cheers Tim


  3. I didn’t realise my letter was published here, but great it gives me a chance to put things in perspective. If I do decide to stand on the Parish council it will be as an Independent, not as a UKIP councillor, but only if I have the backing of the public, otherwise I will find some where more suitable to live. However at a Rothervalley level I will vote UKIP and will suggest others do the same, but I can assure you there is no party whip with UKIP. I really don’t give one concern for what regular reader says and his lack of belief, if the people agree with me about my ambitions for the village, then nothing will stop me, as I have their endorsement. For Dave Smith, I expected a little more support from yourself, but then again you live in Dinnington and not Anston, it is a totally different ball game from where I am standing. When I set my mind on something I get it, let us see what the people of Anston have to say about my vision. Why should a village which is bigger than Dinnington have to rely on Dinnington for our services, shopping etc., we have lost out much more than Dinnington since 1975 as we have expanded. Even when I went to Dinnington Comp in the late 70’s the upper school wasn’t fit for purpose, at some stage it needs upgrading. At that point the new lower school will suffice for Dinnington, whereas a new Free Comprehensive schoold can be built in Anston, as per what happened with the Health centre on Greenlands Park. “Rather than attend Parish meetings, I have found it better to talk to a bigger cross section of the Anston public and build a groundswell of support.” Cheers Tim


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