Daz’s Bid For Glory?

Or – Daz tries for a seat on the gravy train! Any seat will do!

Rotherham Politics brings news of our Daz trying his best to con Yorkshire & Humberside Labour Party members that, he is not still a Tory at heart:

DH4MEP 001DH4MEP 002DH4MEP 003DH4MEP 004A lyrical comment has also been received by ‘snail mail’, thought it might be worth posting:


16 thoughts on “Daz’s Bid For Glory?

  1. Sounds incongruent to me. He keeps sending me emails from the electoral reform society about rotten boroughs and is standing for Labour, rather than being an Independent in RMBC. I never trusted the guy from day one. I will be voting UKIP, for a very good reason.


  2. Read moofy comment.
    Yorkshire needs people to speak about yorkshire and humberside the guy has never uttered a word about yorkshire and humberside.
    does moofy know what he is chatting about it is sad he didnt elected to stand as a candidate.
    What qualities has he got to be a good advocate for the European Election, do people know what Moofy is talking about on the manifesto.


  3. It appears that he has nothing at all to say, like his party that had nothing to say for 13 years on one of the main topics of the day – immigration! Though Milliband and Harman are now peddling the line; that they got it wrong on immigration! It was all a mistake that they let in the biggest influx of immigrants in the entire history of the country! This is despite Andrew Neather and Lord Manndleswine saying it was a deliberate act on the part of the then Labour government! My money’s on UKIP for this seat!


  4. Darren The Defector. If he ratted on his party once he will do it again.
    Milliband is becoming more isolated in his party and in Britain over his EU stance.
    Both the Labour and Conservative parties have realised UKIP will beat them both in the Euro elections.
    Nigel Farage’s UK Independence Party (UKIP) is on course for further success in next year’s European elections, according to a new poll.
    The survey found that 27% of those certain to vote in the 2014 contest would support UKIP, with Labour on 23% and the Tories on 21%.
    The electorate do not trust the Labour party so why should they trust a Labour candidate with more twists than a corkscrew?

    I’ve got to admire a champion of lost causes.


  5. This information is for Labour party members, when there will be an all party vote to place in order the 6 candidates viaing for selection….. Your slagging him off before he’s even been selected to stand yet 🙂


    • The people of Anston know exactly what they get with Darren Hughes. A lot of people put an enormous amount of effort to get him in as a Conservative in Anston, once elected he swapped to Labour. He then goes on about rotten boroughs for the electoral commission, then proposes to stand for Labour. I class RMBC as a very rotten borough, which has a massive Labour majority, but not for long. The people of Anston booted him off the Parish council and elected an Independent who actually lives in the village or a few houses across the border to be exact.


  6. Hughes is a prize tory, defector and tos*r

    It also see a lot about those endorsing him

    Treacherous bar stools

    Says how right wing labour and community union have both become


    • I agree Ture Labour. I filled in my voting slip, thought about putting him as 6th choice but then left him off all together. He is the worst kind of trougher/careerist. Sold out on his beliefs once to gain a safe bet under a different flag. We have enough self serving politicians in these parts so we don’t need yet another!


  7. Wasn’t Churchil a cross bencher? Danny La Rue too. Or are they the same thing? Silly me – silly girl. What doI know?

    Quite a lot of councillors in the last national local elections stood as independents or for other parties then joined up with UKIP after the votes were counted; how convenient if not democratic. Infact UKIP encouraged it on their website until it turned to a trickle. Quite disgarceful – all of it – me thinks.

    Jumping ship happens with all parties. I think if they do they should call another election – in every case. Personally, I view anyone that does so for convenience and personal power( rather than a change of political conviction) with distrust. But ‘glass houses and throwing stones’ does come to mind in this case.

    Still it reminds me of what my old Dad used to say, ‘You can never trust a Tory – apart from making sure they look after number one -number one – and of course number one that is.”

    Hugs and kisses

    SKT xxxxx


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