Advertiser – Six in Court

Rotherham woman on 41 child prostitution charges

A ROTHERHAM woman has been charged with 41 child prostitution offences — some dating back to when she was just 15 years old.

Amanda Spencer (22), of Canklow Road, and five Sheffield men aged between 26 and 66 appeared before magistrates on Tuesday. Read on….

Adv 21st June 2013 001Adv 21st June 2013 002

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CPS – CSE Charges

Five men and one woman charged with child sexual exploitation offences 17/06/2013 The Crown Prosecution Service in Yorkshire and Humberside has authorised South Yorkshire Police (on 4 June 2013) to charge five men and one woman with offences relating to … Continue reading

3 thoughts on “Advertiser – Six in Court

  1. Can you please tell the UKIP, BNP and EDL
    why are there not campaigning against this ill person who has caused this in the community of Rotherham.
    I thought the grooming is always asains so can you please explain to the EDL, UKIP & BNP that grooming is in every community not only asains.
    This women by the name of Amanda Spencer was she asain women or an english women.


  2. well said anonymous, this kind of criminality is disgusting and down right unacceptable in any way, shape or form by any person, be they balck, pink, blue or green, wether they have one eye or six, wether they have 2 heads and six arms or be they as normal as the person next door. this kind of behaviour should be fully investigated at ALL times with no exceptions but most importantly a whole community should not be persecuted by the actions of a minority in that community. i have some wonderful and very special english friends…….Maybe i should paint them all with the brush that Amanda spencer finds herself painted with? I think not mr EDL, UKIP and BNP


  3. They should put these people through the courts process THEN we should sit down and have a long, hard think about why this female was doing this when she was aged just fifteen?

    That’s the real long term question – it’s concerning and deeply worrying.


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