A Jolly For MacShane?

Rothpol is grateful to an admirer of Denis MacShane, who thought readers might be interested in one of ‘Dodgy Denis’s’ latest exploits. A jolly, it would appear, but who paid? Has Denis got religion? I thought he was an atheist?

Wonder why anyone would give this avaricious and thoroughly disgraced man the time of day? The Tablet should be ashamed of itself for publishing this:

MacShane Tablet 22 Jun 2013

2 thoughts on “A Jolly For MacShane?

  1. I am always bemused when people believe Religion is the problem. It is evident that the main issue is the ‘fall out’ when cultures mix and groups are indifferent to each other. As a religious person who believes in the secular idea that matters of faith are private I find this article a simple attempt by Dennis to align himself with Blair by trying to sell the concept of Peace through Dialogue which is so laughable considering War Criminal Blair was backed by Dennis which makes him just as guilty for the death of millions of Iraqis and Afghanis alike.


  2. Speaking of “Jollies” (Old News but worth exuming) His £152,884.00 2009 Expenses included £9680 for communications and £16336 on travel


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