Shaun Wright – Caption Competition

Dropping through letterboxes across Rotherham, the latest edition, summer 2013, of the Labour Voice.

The usual hand wringing, drivel and crocodile tears are on display throughout, but this image appears on the front page and I couldn’t resist displaying it on here as an opportunity for a competition, to come up with a suitable caption, responses by means of comments please:

SW back view

15 thoughts on “Shaun Wright – Caption Competition

  1. “Don’t show your face Shaun otherwise you might be on crime watch for the neglectful management of those pimping gangs in Rotherham!”


  2. Where’s our shadow gone? I thought only vampires had no shadow . If Commissioner Wright is not sucking blood he certainly lost no time in suckling from the public purse to fund his home’s security improvements!


  3. Now, Mr Wright, sir…here’s a good technique – keep your eyes on the floor, like this, then you won’t see any trouble and have to get involved in any unpleasantness….what? Oh! You know that already?! Sorry!


  4. “So when yer got the job Gov, did yer really know wat you were doing”.

    “Could yer do owt about me wages Gov, Cos Im a bit behind yours.

    “Everyone thought yer wer daft, but getting a Deputy to do yer job was a brilliant move”

    ” Weve got an all singing, dancing bit of security kit Gov, that will look nice on yer house, and yer know wat, its dead cheap, and the punters will pay for it”


  5. Dixon of Dock Green … Now with extra Dick !or So tell me again sir, where did you last see your popular support.
    or Shaun Wright heard whining, I thought the police advocate a massage in a brothel.
    or Finally due to public demand the police re release Don’t stand so close to me.


  6. “Do you think I could get my drive block paved out of the police budget now I have super delux security? It would just finish it off!” He seems to think we should pay for everything else, thieving git!


  7. shaun wright: can i have your job son if things dont work out and i cant manage to sort the problems ive helped good old thacker create???


  8. Policeman: “The Abuse Scandal – what are we going to say to Roge Stone?”
    Shaun Wright: “Keep quiete – it will all go away – hows about that then.”


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  10. By the way – just a footnote – do we get a shopping voucher for Dorothy Perkins if we win this compy? Personally I’d prefer the winner replacing Shaun Wrighty


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