Rotherham Politics Resumes

Many apologies to our readers for the recent series of periods of inactivity. Some were due to computer problems, hopefully now fixed, and some were due to illness/disability on Rothpols part, unfortunately not fixed so easily.

During the course of transferring information to my new computer I came across a little reminder of Jahangir Akhtar’s generosity of spirit towards those who are disabled when I found this little gem amongst older emails.

JA Takes Mickey.



Seems Rothpol must have upset our Jahangir back in January! Proud to be a ‘sad old git’ or a ‘keyboard warrior’ another of Jahangir’s terms of endearment, frequently used as an insult, towards the person of myself.

This serves as yet another example of Jahangir Akhtar’s unsuitability for public office!

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11 thoughts on “Rotherham Politics Resumes

  1. Welcome back rothpol. Hope you are feeling better and recharged to continue the scrutiny of RMBC and their colleagues which clearly disturbs our dear Deputy Leader.
    Is it not now time to challenge Cllr Akhtar’s actions and responses to the public at a more direct level ?


    • My one thumb, two fingers and three grey cells are working as well as ever, catastrophic computer problems caused the latest hiatus and they have been fixed!
      A ‘more direct level’, what have you in mind?


  2. A man who twitters constantly (in many senses of the word) is not in a position to pillory keyboard warriors – a question of the pot calling the kettle….(no I’d better not say that! ). Maybe it’s keyboard envy? Mine is bigger! wb Rothpol


    • Funny you should nearly mention that word, when I heard Akhtar use a derogatory racial term TODAY. Regrettably, I was the only witness to this on the street and have no conclisive proof.


  3. Hi Rik, Hope you are feeling much better and ready to start holding the RMBC thugs to account again. Does our friend Akhtar actually do any work or does he spend all day on his mobile phone sending inane messages to anyone who has the time or inclination to read them. I just think he is an extremely expensive joke!


  4. Stone must be chuffed hes got such a lazy sod as his deputy and so easily distracted on inane matters than do his civic duties???


  5. Inspired by Asbo’s Tweets and his overwhelming piety and modest demeanour I decided to look at the good book. Then I found an interesting bit of Islamic law:

    ” The penalty for adultery is not stoning to death unless he is a hardened and habitual sinner who is a perpetual disturber of peace of the society. Qur’an clearly spells out the related law; “The woman and the man guilty of unlawful sex (adultery or fornication), flog each of them with a hundred stripes; let not compassion move you in their case in a matter prescribed by Allah if ye believe in Allah and the Last day; and let a party of the believers witness their punishment”.

    May your God go with you, possibly to Moorgate Street where I hope to be selling tickets for the public spectacle. He/she who is without sin can cast the first stone for free, the rest of you pay.


    • I take your point, but please no religion! It is difficult enough with politics as subject matter, without making it infinitely more difficult if religion enters the debate.


  6. Hypocrisy rules at RMBC. A local councillor is reported to the Standards Board for daring to question Labour councillors yet this excuse for manhood is still allowed to publicise and write complete bowlocks and nothing is said or done.
    To paraphrase: “Is it ‘cos I is Asian”?
    Good to have you back Rik, this forum is probably the only public scrutiny RMBC ever gets.


  7. Being asian myself im suprized asbo still has a job I would not think twice about stoning this devil…as a matter of fact to think we trust people like him to benefit us is a disgrace he’s in it to win it for himself…scams the goverment to feed his own needs..pure pathetic an what a waste!


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