Our Shaun must be tearing his hair out!

Been a bad couple of days in the news for, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Shaun Wright.

Firstly reports of a huge IT failure in the Star:

Police force hit by computer problems

Police reassured residents they could still deal with emergency calls after the force was hit with IT problems.

Some servers were down yesterday and staff in some departments were unable to access emails or the internet.

A spokesman said: “South Yorkshire Police is currently experiencing some IT issues which engineers are working to resolve. Read on….

But, even worse than that it emerged this morning that the SY Police Helicopter is grounded!! :

South Yorkshire Police helicopter grounded for repairs

A police helicopter has been grounded for five months due to “substantial mechanical faults”, a force spokesperson has said.

“South Yorkshire Police said the helicopter was undergoing extensive repair work in Gloucester.”

The force said it also needed to recreate the aircraft’s logbook which had “gone missing”.

The new National Police Air Service (NPAS) has based a temporary replacement aircraft in Sheffield since it took over air support on 1 April. Read on BBC……

Is this a late April fools joke, I wonder? Unfortunately not! Truly incredible! Whelk stall  anyone?

Might just stimulate further entrants in the Shaun Wright – Caption Competition

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