Bad news for some?

The latest available opinion poll from Survation, has some encouragement for some, but must be concerning for Cameron and Clegg:

July June
Labour 36 36
Conservatives 23 25
UKIP 22 20
Liberals 10 10

This research was completed before the latest round of Labour blood letting, concerning Tom Watson and Len McCluskey and which is rapidly getting very nasty and is sure to have an effect on voter sentiment. Indeed, the Labour party seems determined to take us back to the ’90s!

7 thoughts on “Bad news for some?

  1. Just seen on the 1pm news the Labour party has handed their Falkirk inquiry over to the police.
    McClusky-v-Miliband–Round 2.
    Unless and until Miliband starts to assert his authority and leadership over the Labour party I think by 2015 the voters will be wary of a party riven by in-fighting and no clear direction on the economy.
    (See Miliband-v-Balls)
    I suppose we have to accept mid-term polling results but it is very difficult to phrase questions that are neutral and non-judgemental.


  2. Milliband’s just a Tory – always knew he was. No opposition to the Bedroom Tax, welafre Cuts, Council Cuts and the diastaer the Conderms have made of the NHS. I will spoil my vote next time in protest as I can’t vote for the cons, libs, Ukip or BNP.


    • Sally Kate
      Neither of the young Millibands are tories {“tory” doesn’t take a capital letter btw 🙂 }, the younger one has simply been over-promoted – classic Peter Principle.
      I’ve never understood why, as alleged, the Unions gave him the job in the first place.

      (In the early ’60’s I knew and respected their Dad, so I guess I’m a bit biased, but…)


  3. To regular reader – sorreeee about my capital ‘T’ – lol. Now I’ve learnt I will try better – If only could spul better and dixionate better too – but not to worry. Okay I do … ish. I should have put Conservative instead of tory.

    Seriously though I agree with what you say and your statement regarding the Peter Principle – although I used to think he was the one in the ‘Wackey Races’ that had a crush on Penelope Pitstop; that was until as a young girl on leaving the shop floor in the steelworks I started encountering the ‘horrendous ’ PP middle management in all its inglorious ineptitude.

    Regarding Ed Millinabnd’s leadership, like you I can’t understand how Ed was promoted to his current post. For that matter Stone, Thacker, Clegg, Cameron and their ‘likes’ either. My ‘theory’ is that like all our current ‘leaders’ he was the least offensive – i.e. the least hated by the majority. (Apart from Thacker that is). I suppose the ‘Milliband Situation’ (is it a capital ‘S’ – not sure) regarding their father is like that with George Caborn (whom I had a lot of time for even if we disagreed at times) and Richard Caborn (whom I could never really trust or respect even at times when I agreed with him). Often sons (and daughters) cut from the same clothe don’t quite have the same style. It seems from what you say (ocacsional reader) that is a great pity.

    Personally I believe that unlike Cameron (a multi millionaire who claimed full DLA then cut it for others while introducing the double or multiple whammy of the Bedroom Tax and more) I don’t think Ed’s a selfish or bad man interested in only the welafre of the rich – just the wrong one for his party. Unlike Clegg (vote for me students I will look after you unless I actually achieve power) I don’t think Ed’s is in politics simply for self promotion and ‘dinner party’ kudos. (Although there is an aspect of that in most politics).Unlike Farage I don’t see Ed as a man that looses control of self far too easily – just one that can’t control his political direction. When I look at Ed all I can see is a man that wants power but thinks he will achieve it by watching the ‘Middle England’ (wherever that is) focus groups a little too closely rather than set out his own agenda and beliefs and stick by them.

    Over my many years I guess I have become a ‘tad’ cynical regarding all leaders. However, it hasn’t put me off trying to change things. ANd it hasn’t put me off politics. For as my Mum always says, “Cheer up Sally lass there’s always more pebbles on the beach.” She means politically too.

    Hugs and kisses SKT xxxxxxx

    PS: Message to self- must do better with English despite being dyslexic and get my brain and blue screen fixed. 2nd note to self – looking at the state of Rotherham politics (The actual politics not the site) will lead to eating the entire contents of one’s fridge seems will only lead to a permanent state of post ‘he wasn’t worth it I am’ Bridget Jones spinsterhood and eventual being eating by my own Alsatians alone in my kitcehe, unloves and soon forgotten. 3rd message to self – make sure message to self 2 doesn’t happen and try to get rid of Stone and his crew. But I digress. I will see you all when I have time to get back on site (I’ve had a flood) and despite our many differing opinions keep the faith – we can cleanse this rotten borough together.

    PPS: I apologise If I upset some by naming leaders of their own party as not being ‘for me’; it’s just a personal opinion and nothing personal in relation to your own beliefs.


    • I’m also dislexic – …. but you’re using a capital “T” with that 4-letter word “tory” seemed unforgivable to me.
      But now I realise you were in the best of company (at least has he was reported):
      “No amount of cajolery, and no attempts at ethical or social seduction, can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party. So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin.”
      Nye Bevan.

      My apologies!


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