Is that Muhbeen Hussain I see before me?

The nephew of Mahroof Hussain has been busy, he’s started the climb up the greasy pole. His chosen vehicle, for the moment, Rotherham Muslim Youth and the National group to be launched tomorrow in Bradford:

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10 thoughts on “Is that Muhbeen Hussain I see before me?

  1. I dont understand.
    What does he want to gain out of doing these meeting.
    I think he should calm down with his bullcrap and start doing constructive work instead of waisting his time on stuff which is no benefit to no one.
    It’s like me moving from one place to another what do I gain, just trying to get a name nothing else, he needs to understand his Rotherham Muslim youth is not a voice for the youths of Rotherham as he does not represent the views of the Muslim community nor is he representing all the youths in the asain community.
    I don’t understand by doing these meeting, What does he achieve.
    Can anyone please. Tell us what he is trying to do for the youths.


  2. A lot of anger in his voice, what is it with pseudo politicians?

    Anyone know if this is the same individual who along with ASBO posts derogatory comments on Twitter and Facebook regarding individuals with disabilities?


  3. I listened very carefully to what this man said and I have never heard such insincere crap in all my life. At times it seemed as though he was almost denying that this horrific crime took place! He denies that it took place in the name of Islam when all along it is obvious that it did because the attackers said it was! I felt as though he just fell short of supporting these crimes.
    I know this will upset a lot of people but this is just as I see it.


  4. Mobeen Hussain call yourself a muslim, stop bein Dr Zakir Naik, you dont represent muslims, Stick to selling chickens and ***** in eastwood. The British Muslims can represent themselfs, they dont need you or your uncle Mahroof Hussain.


  5. i think judgement should be saved and served when we see what the group does in the future and when we have a better picture, after all are all the above comments not just purely “we think this what hes up to?”


  6. Understand now why this very young man has started so early in his life to exploit the system, to his own benefit.
    He was expected to follow in his brother’s footsteps to University! But alas, when the A level results arrived, it was disappointment all round as it was realised that further education was not for him!


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