Yvonne Ridley and CSE – for one week only

Rothpol can now publish a link to the politics event of the week. Just when Jahangir Akhtar thought he had seen the back of Yvonne Ridley she puts in a re-appearance:


The Yorkshire session starts about halfway through.

3 thoughts on “Yvonne Ridley and CSE – for one week only

  1. Thanks for this, I’d have missed it otherwise.
    Looks like you can buy new clothes and nice jewelry on an MP’s salary.


  2. Well done Yvonne.
    You made us proud for the people of Rotherham.
    At least your doing great work we will always back you no matter what.
    Keep doing good work.
    We want RESPECT PARTY in Rotherham.


  3. Not too sure about Yvonne’s overall attitude to women’srights though; when asked in the Observer about women who are imprisoned or stoned for adultery she stated:

    ‘There are cases that capture the Western media’s attention. We get to know half the tale. Sharia law, I think, is superior to most systems because the burden of proof is so high. However, like every system, it’s operated by human beings. You can’t have a perfect system; you are bound to have human error coming in. I can’t specifically look at every case and say: Aha! All I know is that with adultery – and like any woman who’s been cheated on, by the way, it isn’t nice to have a so-called sister messing round with your husband; not nice at all – under sharia you need four witnesses to the act of penetration, so it is virtually impossible to prove. There are a set of moral guidelines on how to conduct yourself, and transgressing those, you can expect to be punished.’

    I find this most alarming.


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