Where did he get that idea from? Two

The story moves on:

The Rotherham Record and this weeks Advertiser, have reported that the Police have been called in to investigate complaints made by both the Leader, Roger Stone and Deputy Leader, Jahangir Akhtar, concerning alleged racial harassment on the part of James Plant of Maltby.

Plant answered charges of racially aggravated harassment at Rotherham Magistrates Court last Friday, the case will be heard there on the 19th July.

The alleged offences took place between November last year and February this year. One is forced to wonder, what took them so long to report this alleged crime, if they were as frightened, as they claim?

Why did they wait at least four months before doing anything about it?


To be continued……

Looks looks this story has started doing the rounds:

Maltby_ Man charged with racially harassing leader and deputy leader at Rotherham Council - Local news - Gainsborough Standard

Can’t source a scan of the article in the Rotherham Record, if anyone could oblige. A .jpg preferably. Rothpol. Thank you ‘a regular reader’ for the above images.

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5 thoughts on “Where did he get that idea from? Two

  1. Is this the same Roger Stone who stood by while young girls were being more than ‘harassed by Muslim paedophile gangs?

    Is this the same Roger Stone who stood by while a decent fostering family and their young charges were ‘harrassed’ by fanatics on his staff for supporting UKIP?

    Its a measure of how pathetic we the people have become when we allow this weasel to carry on in office when he should be in jail.


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  3. Daniel Thomas, I couldn’t agree more with your comments. These 2 men, along with others from the RMBC Labour group have abused, ignored and failed to consult the council tax paying public of Rotherham for years as well as pocketing monumental amounts of our money. It is they who should be jailed, not a man who has a legitimate complaint which no doubt was handled in the usual way by RMBC and totally ignored. I can quite well understand this man’s frustration, I have felt like wanting to exterminate these scum for years.
    We all know Mr Plant should have handled it in a better way but the judge should have been told, “This is Rotherham where all complaints to the council are treated with contempt or ignored and the Court should take this into account.”


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